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[Solved] Headphone Audio Channel Swap issue on OnePlus Phones

Many smartphone manufacturers abandoned beloved 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of technologies & design. Since most people were changing to wireless technologies, it was not big a deal. But, still many users who prefer their wired headphones use an adapter for USB-C to 3.5mm. But most OnePlus users are reporting headphone audio channel swap issue in audio playback that the audio channels are reversed. To be clear, the audio that should come out of the Right earpiece is coming out of the Left earpiece and vice versa.

Although there is no perfect reason or solution for this OnePlus headphone audio swap channel issue from the OnePlus team, but the users are reporting that there is no issue with Bluetooth playback. This audio swap issue can also be dated back to times of OnePlus 5T when they had a headphone jack on them.

OnePlus headphone audio channel swap issue

How to fix OnePlus headphone audio channel swap issue

If you have normal in-ear headphones, you can simply replace the right earpiece with the left while inserting it into your ear. But, if you have a half in-ear or similar ones with ear-specific insertion, it is impossible to swap them.

Although media playback such as music or video will not be an issue, but it can be difficult to use it for playing games such as PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile since they use spatial audio for hearing enemy directions. So, until we get official fixes from OnePlus, here are a few things that you can do to solve this problem:

Channel Swap in Media Apps

You can use some third party media playing apps like VLC or MX player and swap the audio channels while playing audio or video files. This effect works within that app itself.

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Install MX player, open your media file, select HW+ or SW decoder for audio and go to Option by tapping on three dots, Audio > Stereo mode > Reverse stereo. This will reverse the audio channel for your video playback.

Changing Audio Output to Mono

If you are just annoyed by the reversed output and don’t want any stereo effect while playback, then you can simply turn on mono audio output on your phone.

Resolved OnePlus earphone audio channel swap issue

Go to Settings > Accessibility and enable Mono Audio. This merges both rights and left output int a single channel.

Change Mixer Path in Rooted Device

If you have a rooted device, then you are in a bit of great luck. You have access to system files and folders, so you can configure and reverse the output.

Warning: This is not recommended as modifying system files may result in an unusable phone. So proceed only if you know what you are doing.

Open any root file explorer app and navigate to the following folder: /system/vendor/etc/ and look for the file named mixer_paths.xml.

Note: Create a backup of the file to use later if something goes wrong.

Open the file in a text editor, and find these lines under

<path name="headphones">
<ctl name="RX1 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" />
<ctl name="RX2 MIX1 INP1" value="RX2" />

and change it with:

<ctl name="RX1 MIX1 INP1" value="RX2" />
<ctl name="RX2 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" />

This swaps channels 1 to 2 and vice versa. Here channels 1, 2 means left and right channels of audio. Save it and reboot. Check if it works.


Although these methods could work, they are temporary. Better write to customer care and wait for an official solution on the issue. People spend a huge amount of money on flagship-level phones. Hence consumers can not tolerate such issues, considering the price point.

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5 Best OnePlus 8 Pro Accessories You Should Buy

Best OnePlus 8 Pro Accessories: OnePlus has recently launched OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro in an online event due to the recent outbreak and restrictions imposed by governments across the globe. There are many consumers, who would love to add multiple accessories to OnePlus smartphone. In this list, we are going to compile 5 best accessories for OnePlus 8 Pro. Remember, OnePlus accessories are available across the globe, and you can even find alternatives in the market.

OnePlus 8 Pro accessories

Best OnePlus 8 Pro Accessories

1. OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z

The manufacturer followed Apple, in terms, of selling multiple accessories separately and generates additional revenue from the brand. Bullets Wireless Z is a wireless earphone that produces exceptional sound for music lovers, and listen to the latest music in an immersive sound system.

oneplus bullets z

The neckband technology requires 10 minutes of charge for 10 hours of playback, and that’s the selling point of the product. The 9.2mm dynamic driver produces high-quality sound and a super bass tone that is priced at $26 in Asian countries and even lower in the global market.

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OnePlus bundles Warp Charger in 8 and 8 Pro, and you can use the universal charger in Bullets Wireless Z and that’s another reason why I suggested the wireless earphone edition to the consumers. The manufacturer spent a lot of time in creating a sound profile and compatibility for newer editions of the smartphone. You can purchase the product in four colours Black, Mint, Oat, and Blue.

2. Wireless Charger

OnePlus Wireless Charger

Finally, OnePlus supports wireless charging, but the manufacturer did not bundle the brick in the box. As I have mentioned earlier that OnePlus is following Apple footsteps, and selling plenty of important accessories separately.

Anyways, OnePlus is planning to launch or launched 30W Warp Wireless Charger designed to charge every single modern OnePlus phone, earbuds, wireless earphones, and more. The company did not mention further details about the product, but it supports OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro and charges the phone at a faster pace without compromises.

The manufacturer did not mention this important information, but you cannot use 30W Warp Wireless Charger as a universal charger for other devices as you typically do with other Qi wireless chargers. Due to the proprietary technology involvement, 30W Warp Wireless Charger won’t pass higher voltage to non-OnePlus devices. The universal charge output is 5W and that’s pretty slow for modern standards.

3. Warp Charge 30 Car Charger

Many of us constantly travel one place to another or travel to the office, and we do use transport vehicles to increase convenience and save time. Of course, we do not have enough time to charge our phones, while preparing to go to the office.

Fortunately, OnePlus is launched Warp Charge 30 Car Charger for modern phones and it comes in handy if you spend 30 minutes while driving to the office. OnePlus promises to deliver a 50% charge in just 30 minutes. The manufacturer used Warp Charge 30 Power Adapter in the car charger, and you won’t be disappointed at all.

I do have problems with premium pricing on the car charger because it comes for $25 and that’s expensive. Regardless of the price, I would suggest OnePlus Warp Charge 30 Car Charger for consumers, who can afford it, and need this convenience.

4. Tempered Glass

I avoided tempered glass in the past, and I regretted it. I would not suggest one brand or specific product since tempered glass or screen protectors comes in different variants and qualities.

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The quality should be 9H Hardness because that could hold off a harsh environment. Frankly speaking, you have to look for Oleophobic Nano-coating tampered glass and that’s the only specification. Make sure to double-check, whether you are having additional touch problems. Especially, check out the gaming experience after adding tempered glass.

5. Mobile Tripod

OnePlus finally refined the camera system in the 8th edition after hundreds of reviewers criticised the lack of flagship quality in the previous generations. The Chinese brand took this blow and brought a better camera setup in the newer editions, and of course, the front camera department still needs refreshment for a flagship.

The primary camera setup is a triple camera and can record high-quality videos including 2K resolution in 60fps/30fps. Many mobile experts would suggest the consumers go for gimbals, but I don’t think that’s necessary for an average consumer.

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OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro wouldn’t call themselves “flagship” without real-time image stabilization. You no longer have to spend $200 on expensive gimbals and go for sturdy $10 – $30 mobile tripods to capture photos, and videos for YouTube, Social media, and TikTok.

Please don’t be a cheapskate on tripods because they hold the entire phone and low-quality variants can break your phone. Honestly, I ordered one from Amazon, and it didn’t even last longer, and that’s why to prefer a high-quality product.

Bottom Line

OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro back covers and protective covers are not available because the smartphone launched a few days back in an online event, you can always check out online shopping websites and local market for accessories.

Let us know which accessory are you planning to buy alongside your new OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro in the comment section below.



10 Best OnePlus 7T Cases in 2020

Best OnePlus 7T Cases and Covers: OnePlus is one of the most popular brands out there right now in the industry which always comes up with some great Android Devices. Talking about the great Devices, OnePlus recently launched their latest OnePlus 7T which turns out to be a flagship device from the company. If you are someone who has bought a OnePlus 7T or is going to, then you should definitely consider covering your device with some sort of protection. Now, by this, we don’t mean that the device does not have good build quality. But, as they say, Prevention is better than the cure.

OnePlus 7T Cases

From regular wear & tear usage of a device, the smartphone tends to get some noticeable scratches which ruin the overall design and look of the device. Well, this is where cases for OnePlus 7T come into play. If you are confused regarding which case should you pick up, then this post is for you. Today, in this post, we would be covering a list of Best OnePlus 7T Cases and Covers.

Best OnePlus 7T Cases and Covers

Here, we have listed down some of the best OnePlus 7T cases which you can buy online. We tried to include cases of different styles and materials, so you can grasp your choice of cover. Having said that, let us now take a look at the first case on the list.

1. Feitenn Oneplus 7T Clear Slim Case

Starting off the list, we have the Feitenn Oneplus 7T Case coming in at number on the list. This case is a lot more robust than the one which OnePlus provides you in the box. Also, the design of this case is quite appealing with the more focus on that camera bump. You can expect some decent protection with this case on your OnePlus 7T. It comes in four colours — blue, black, grey, and red which is another good thing. You can grab this case for around $11 on Amazon.

2. SLEO Rubberized Cover for OnePlus 7T

If you are someone who is looking for a colourful cover rather than something which is transparent. Then, this SLEO Rubberized Cover for OnePlus 7T is definitely for you. The cover has great precised cuts which make sure that it fits your device perfectly. This case is completely made out of polycarbonate material and has a Premium SF Coating which does a great job of making the case anti-slippery. The case is available in white, black, blue, or clear and can be bought for $9 at Amazon.

3. Simicoo Thin Wallet

Simicoo Thin Wallet is a wallet case for OnePlus 7T. It is perfect for those users who want to carry their cards and some cash around but don’t wanna use a wallet for the same. This case is pretty clean, simple and functional. Needless to say, since this is a Wallet case, it also protects your screen from scratches and damage. You can grab this case for  $11 at Amazon.

4. Qoosea Clear Gel Case

Clear Gel cases for OnePlus 7T are also in right now and is an optimum choice for those who want to keep things simple and still wanna show off the design of their beautiful device, the OnePlus 7T. This case is quite flexible and lets you show off the natural beauty of your gorgeous OnePlus 7T. You can grab this one from Amazon for around $5.

5. Anccer Colorful Series

Are you fed up seeing all these cases which add bulk to your device and makes it look bulky? Well, if that’s you, then this Anccer Colorful Series case for OnePlus 7T is definitely for you. These cases come in a variety of colours. To be honest, most of these colours were quite light in shade. However, we really liked the Gravel Green colour. Having said that, you can grab this case for $13 at Amazon.

6. SLEO Retro Leather Wallet Case

If you are looking for a leather wallet which has more pockets for you to carry cards and stuff, then this case from SLEO Retro is definitely for you. Now, this case is a bit bulky, so if bulky cases are not your cup of tea then it would be better for you to skip this one. Anyways, for everyone else who does not care much about the bulkiness, the SLEO Retro Leather Wallet is a pretty good pick for $12 at Amazon.

7. TopACE for OnePlus 7T Case

TopACE for OnePlus 7T Case is our personal pick for the best Cases. This case is a pretty slim one and has a pretty neat, minimal design with patterns which embraces the look of your device without making it look bulky. One of the best things about this case is the fact that it comes with a 3-year warranty. You can buy this case from Amazon.

8. Foluu OnePlus 7T Case

A perfect pick for those who want to show the natural beauty of their OnePlus 7T while protecting it against drops and scratches. This case from Foluu is a crystal clear case with a hard frame which does a great job of protecting your device from slight drops. They also market themselves as Shockproof Scratch Resistant Case which might be true. Anyways, you can grab this case for around $9.99 at Amazon.

9. Arkour OnePlus 7T Case

Aekour makes some really great fitting cases for various devices. They also have one for the OnePlus 7T. This is a premium case for OnePlus 7T. Now, there is nothing much going on when it comes to the design or pattern. But this case is quite minimal and slim. Anyways, you can grab this one for around $11.99 at Amazon. 

10. MYLBOO Dual Layer Rugged Hybrid Case

MYLBOO Dual Layer Rugged Hybrid Case is perfect for those who are looking for some serious protection. This is a dual-layer hybrid case for OnePlus 7T which offers some really great protection while not making the device look ugly. In fact, the pattern which is present on the device does a great job of making it appear more pleasant. You can grab this case from Amazon.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on Best OnePlus 7T Cases and Covers. We hope that you found this list helpful. Let us know your pick for the best OnePlus 7T Case in the comments section down below.

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12 Best USB-C Headphones in 2020

Best USB-C Headphones: All right, so we all know how music can change our mood and the views around us, right? We all rely upon songs, videos, and other media to entertain our day to day life with a bit of recreation. Whether it is a long day off from work or a very exhausting one, in the end, we all come to our favourite go-to recreator, the smartphone. Most users care about the quality of the audio and the video in some cases. What most of us don’t care about is the quality of the hardware that we are using, i.e. our earphones.

USB-C headphones

With the advancement in technology around us, almost everything is either being miniaturized or altered to support wireless technology. The same goes for most audio devices like earphones and headphones. An amazing fact to notice is that now even average users are clinging to this technology. But, if that’s not the case for you, and you still want recommendations for some of the best USB Type C headphones/earphones, then you have come to the right place.

12 Best USB-C Headphones

In this article, we will try to explore and review the best USB-C earphones that are available on the internet. All these products are rich in quality and will most probably be a successful “value-for-money” deal.

1. Libratone Q Adapt USB-C

First things first, if you are one of the sweaty guys, the Libratone Q Adapt wired USB C earphones are in no doubt the best choice for you. They are lightweight, water-resistant, and have active noise cancellation features that can enhance the quality of your voice while calling, and of course gaming as well. However, the quality of the Noise cancellation hardware is a bit poor, but it works just fine most of the time.

2. Razer Hammerhead USB-C Earbuds

Razer Hammerhead USB-C Earbuds are one of the best choices if you want a durable pair of wired earphones. The pair has got a 1.15m long cable. And as we know, “With long cable comes Great tangibility”, the cable tangles very easily and sometimes it becomes very irritating for its users.


These are most probably the best looking pair of wired Type C earphones on the internet right now. The VIOTEK Aqua USB-C earphone has got a 4 feet long cable that has got the helical shaped design on it. The device is compatible with most smartphones and computers. The earphones are cheap and are best suited for budget users.

4. HTC Usonic USB Type C Headset

HTC had a tie-up with the well-known brand JBL for the Reflect Aware C, but they have also got their collection of earphones. The HTC Usonic USB Type C Headset is one of them. These earphones are provided as a freebie with HTC flagship smartphones, but can also be bought standalone from various stores. The downside to this pair is that their noise cancellation features works only with the HTC U11 mobile.

5. Sunwe USB Type-C Earphone

The Sunwe USB Type C earbuds are a considerable choice for budget-conscious users. If you do not want to spend huge dollars over an earphone, this pair might be well-suited for you. The Sunwe Earphones have got an inline remote control that can be used to play, pause, and alter the volume of the mobile device. The major issue with this pair is it cannot be used on calls with devices running Android Marshmallow and lower.

6. Eamplest Type C Headphones

The Eamplest Type C earphones are not like the traditional “in-ear” earbuds that you see. They are a bit weird in shape, but that is what makes them stand out. Most users find these more comfortable for their ears. It has also got an advanced noise cancellation feature that works well with most smartphone devices.

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7. MagiDeal USB-C Earphones

For users who do not want to spend a lot on their earbuds and are quite satisfied with the regular ones, the MagiDeal USB-C earphones can be an awesome choice for them. They are comfortable and offer super quality sound. However, the reviews aren’t as good but these earbuds work well at most times.

8. Acessorz USB Type C Earphones

This pair of earbuds is considerably the best one for avid music lovers. With great sound quality and a surprisingly low budget, the Acessorz USB Type C earphones are in no doubt the best among low priced earphones. The earphones come in with a 6 year guarantee period and are comfortable on the ears.

9. Pioneer Rayz Pro-Active

The Pioneer Rayz Pro-Active USB-C headphones are the smartest among all these pairs. They have got a smart button that can be used to access apps on the device. You can expect great sound quality from the Pioneer Rayz earphone.

10. WamGra HiFi Earphones

If you are likely to use your earphones while travelling or in a crowded place, the WamGra HiFi Stereo USB-C earphones will do the job for you. They are known to reduce environmental noise and provide you with quiet and pleasing music experience.

11. TriL USB Type C Earphones

These are in no doubt the most sturdy and stable pair of earbuds that you can get. The TriL USB Type C earphones are comfortable to ears and do not fall off easily. They provide maximum noise isolation to give you the best vibes while listening to your favourite piece of music.

12. Deep Bass USB-C Earbuds

The Deep Bass USB-C Earbuds provide the best Hi-Fi sound quality to your ears. The pair has an amazing look that is catchy to the eyes. With advanced noise isolation and noise cancellation feature, these earphones also deserve a place in our list of 12 Best Wired USB-C headphones.

Summing Up

So, that was our take on the 12 best USB Type C Earphones. We reviewed some of the best and high-quality earbuds that can become the best “Value for money” deal for users.



20 Best OnePlus 7 Pro Cases in 2020

OnePlus 7 Pro Cases: OnePlus 7 Pro has been one of the best top tier flagship devices in smartphones by OnePlus due to its outstanding performance, incomparable hardware and support.

OnePlus 7 Pro Cases and Covers

OnePlus 7 Pro Specifications

Some of the key specification of OnePlus 7 Pro which makes it one of the best choices in this price range and a true flagship smartphone are as follows.

  • Display: the device supports FLUID AMOLED display with a refresh rate of 90 Hz. The screen size of the device is 6.67 inches wide and 1440 x 3120 pixels and protected with Gorilla Glass.
  • Dimensions and Weight: 162.6 x 75.9 x 8.8 mm and weighs 206 grams.
  • Battery: 4000mAh OnePlus battery and also supports warp charge.
  • Storage and RAM: The storage comes in 2 variants, 256GB with 6/12GB RAM and 128GB with 6GB RAM.
  • Camera: Triple camera (48MP, 8MP, 16MP (pop-up selfie camera).

20 Best OnePlus 7 Pro Cases

With powerful hardware support, OnePlus 7 Pro has got the slippery texture on its surface which makes the device look striking and outstanding. Hence, you may need to choose a perfect case or cover to protect it from falling or into any serious trouble.

Here is some of the best OnePlus 7 Pro case and covers.

OnePlus 7 Pro Karbon Protective Cases

OnePlus 7 Pro Karbon Protective Case

Official OnePlus 7 Pro Cases comes in 2 variants Karbon Protective Case and Sandstrom Protective Case. The Karbon Protective case is designed for better heat-absorbing and shock resistance.

OnePlus 7 Pro Official Bumper Cases

OnePlus 7 Pro Bumper Case

The OnePlus 7 Pro Bumper case also comes in two variants Karbon and Nylon Black Bumper cases. The Karbon Case is lighter and induced with Bumper at the side and the Nylon case is induced with Tactical material to offers protection from impacts and falls. Both are available at OnePlus official store.

Ringke Fusion-X OnePlus 7 Pro Case

Ringke Fusion-X OnePlus 7 Pro Case

The case is made up of the hard and protective shield while the inner body is soft. It has special cutting at the top for the pop-up camera. The case comes in 2 variants Black and Ruby Red, which is available at Amazon at $12.99.

Poetic OnePlus 7 Pro Hard Case

Poetic OnePlus 7 Pro Hard Case

It is a multi-layered case which has a Hard and Soft layer on the body. It can protect from water and oil spills. An attached Kickstand to support the device in portrait or landscape mode.

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Olixar OnePlus 7 Pro Case/Cover

Olixar OnePlus 7 Pro Case

The Olixar case is made of Hard PC material to give stiffness to the case and protect from falls. Being transparent, it doesn’t degrade the overall look of the device. This slim case is available at Amazon at $12.99.

KuGi OnePlus 7 Pro Case

KuGi OnePlus 7 Pro Cases

Being slim and unique look, the case offers a textured back which gives an outstanding finish to the case and provides an incredible look to the device also. The anti-slip feature resists the device from slipping on the surface to much extent. Avail this case at only $9.99 at Amazon.

TopACE OnePlus 7 Pro Case

TopACE OnePlus 7 Pro Case

These cases are redundant to shortfalls and provide resistance to water and oily fingerprints. One of the most useful features offered is it increases friction between the surfaces and makes the device to slip less.

Spigen Rugged Armor OnePlus 7 Pro Case

Spigen OnePlus 7 Pro Rugged Armor Case

The case consists of a single rubberized TPU layer which offers much protection against falls using its air-cushion mechanism. The given case comes from one of the best case manufacturing companies and is available at Amazon at $24.99.

TUDIA OnePlus 7 Pro Case

TUDIA OnePlus 7 Pro Case

The TUDIA Case for OnePlus 7 Pro is available in 4 known color variants: Black, Blue, Metallic Slate and Rose Gold. The case constitutes of 2 layers i.e. Harder layer to protect from falls and drops while the inner layer provides further protection of the device. There are cut-out made for each and every delicate part of the device. This case is available at Amazon at $10.90.

Osophter Dual Layer OnePlus 7 Pro Case/Cover

Osophter Dual Layer OnePlus 7 Pro Case Cover

This case can be a great pick by users if they prefer to work in rough conditions. As this case offer external strength and rigidity to the OnePlus 7 Pro with hard polycarbonate exterior and internal softness using a soft TPU.

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UAG Plasma Series Case for OnePlus 7 Pro

UAG Plasma Series Case for OnePlus 7 Pro

The case consists of armored shell and impact-resistant core which makes it last longer than any other case for this device. The device also has a better grip on the back and restricts the device from slipping.

OnePlus Original Nylon Bumper Case for OnePlus 7 Pro

OnePlus 7 Pro Original Nylon Bumper Case

The official OnePlus 7 Pro nylon bumper case provides nylon texture on the surface when touched. The bumper cases are adjusted sideways to provide strength and stiffness to the device on falling from a low height. The product is available at the official OnePlus store.

AINOYA Crystal Clear OnePlus 7 Pro Case

AINOYA Crystal Clear OnePlus 7 Pro Case

The case is lightweight and made of soft TPU designed to fit properly on OnePlus 7 Pro. The material protects the phone from scratches, bumps and other shocks. Special cut-out at the camera side and allowing flash to work properly, the device is available for $8 at Amazon.

OnePlus 7 Pro Leather Wallet Case

OnePlus 7 Pro Leather Wallet Case

The case is available at $10 at Amazon, being cheap but still offer many features to the users. It can work both as a wallet and also a case. This is one of the best wallet case for OnePlus 7 Pro. It can accommodate a maximum of 3 cards into it and can also fit some cash into it. Along with these features, it supports Kickstands which enables to maintain the device on Landscape or Portrait view.

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Dbrand Grip Case for OnePlus 7 Pro

Dbrand Case for OnePlus 7 Pro

This case provides superior grip while the case is just 2 mm thick. The cover shows tactile design as the case is available at $30.

OnePlus 7 Pro MNML Protective Cases

OnePlus 7 Pro Protective Cases

If you are looking for a light case then this is a perfect choice for you. Being light and slim one can’t even feel the difference between the case and device. The product is available for $27 at MNMLcase.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Case for OnePlus 7 Pro

SUPCASE for OnePlus 7 Pro

With a high-quality transparent case, the following case is available in 6 different colors. The shock absorber TPU Bumper cushion for corner protection, while the soft protects the back of your device.

Crystal Clear Shock Absorption TPU Rubber Gel Case for OnePlus 7 Pro

Crystal Clear Shock Absorption Rubber Case for OnePlus 7 Pro

Hard PC back Flexible TPU Bumper case provides excessive protect to the device from falls and slips and the slim design and cutouts make it perfectly compatible with the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Poetic Premium Hybrid Protective Clear Bumper OnePlus 7 Pro Cover

Protective Clear Bumper OnePlus 7 Pro Case

The following cover ensures the protection of the device from all possible angles with MILITARY GRADE DROP TESTED OnePlus 7 Pro case. Extra raised lips on the screen on the front frame makes the device to withstand shocks and falls too.



10 Best OnePlus 7T Screen Protectors in 2020

OnePlus 7T Screen Protectors: OnePlus 7T is the latest flagship device from OnePlus which got a lot of popularity in a short span of time. Well, if you are deciding to buy yourself a new OnePlus 7T or have already bought one, then you should definitely consider putting a screen protector on your device to make sure that the screen of your device remains intact and free of scratches. Now, if you go out on the internet looking for some good Screen Protectors, then the chances are that you will not be able to make a choice.

OnePlus 7T Screen Protectors

This is primarily due to the fact that there is a pool of options to choose from. Some of them are really good, while others not so much. Anyways, today, in this post, we would be listing some of the Best OnePlus 7T Screen Protectors which will help you protect your phone.

Best OnePlus 7T Screen Protectors

We have compiled this list of screen products by picking these up from Amazon based on reviews. Having said that, let us now take a look at the first screen protector on the list.

1. IVSO Screen Protector

Starting off the list of best Screen Protectors for OnePlus 7T, we have the IVSO Screen Protector coming in at number one on the list. This is a simple clear screen protector with precise cuts which makes sure that the screen protector sits perfectly on your device. You get all the installation tools, including the squeegee cleaning cloth sticky dust remove and locator, non-slip mat in the package which is another great thing.

2. PULEN for OnePlus 7T Screen Protector

If you are out there looking for an Anti-Scratch and bubble-free screen protector for your OnePlus 7T, then you should definitely take a look at the PULEN Screen Protector for OnePlus 7T. It offers easy installation and fits the device perfectly to make sure that your device is safe. You can get this one for only around $8 on Amazon which is quite affordable as well.

3. Supershieldz Screen Protector for OnePlus 7T

SuperShieldz is a pretty renowned brand which is known for its Screen Protectors. They have one for OnePlus 7T as well which is made from the high-quality tempered-glass materials to make sure that your device sustains the normal wear & tear. This one has a 2.5D Rounded Edge Glass and 9H hardness which is pretty decent considering the fact that they come in a pack of 3 for just around $8 on Amazon.

4. Janmitta Screen Protector for OnePlus 7T

This is another great option for those looking for a Screen Protector for OnePlus 7T. It offers 9H Hardness with 2.5D curved design which looks quite appealing. We did find that this one also prevents, oil and grease to some extent which is one of the main reasons why we decided to add it in the list. Like Supershieldz, this one too comes in a pack of 3 for just around $8 on Amazon.

5. Luibor Screen Protector for OnePlus 7T

Luibor Screen Protector for Oneplus 7T comes in a pack of 2 and has a thickness of just 0.26mm which makes it one of the clearest Screen Protector for OnePlus 7T out there. It has a hardness of 9H and does have some sort of Anti-Scratch/ Shatterproof/ Water & Oil Resistant coating on the top. You can purchase this off Amazon for less than $5.

6. SLEO for OnePlus 7T Screen Protector

SLEO is yet another popular Screen Protector manufacturer which is quite known for it’s tough to screen protectors. This screen protector Super Tough and still manage the sensitivity of your touch. Also, it does have an oleophobic coating on the top to prevent oil and scratches on the Screen. It is quite easy to install and comes in a pack of 2 for just $11.

7. OUBA Screen Protector

Now, the reason why we decided to add this OUBA Screen Protector for OnePlus 7T in this list is the fact that this Screen Protector comes with a lifetime warranty. Yes, you heard that right, a lifetime warranty. Apart from that, it is also quite tough, has precise cuts and also comes with an Oleophobic Anti-Fingerprint Coating. You get 3 units of Screen Protectors in the pack for just $9 on Amazon which is a pretty sweet deal.

8. BoxWave OnePlus 7T Screen Protector

Boxwave claims to be an Award-winning Anti-Glare Screen Protector for OnePlus 7T which has a precise cut that makes sure that the screen protector sits nicely on top of your device. It has a dual-layered high-grade PET designed for durability and to protect your screen from scratches, fingerprints, and dust. It comes in a pack of 2 with all the tools required to install the Screen Protector on a device. You can grab this one for around $13 at Amazon.

9. Qoosea Screen Protector

The Qoosea Screen Protector for OnePlus 7T comes with a great precised cuttings. This makes sure that the screen protector does not leave any part of the screen. This is a 2.5D 9H Hardness tempered glass which is known to be at least 5x stronger than any other normal screen protector out there. Also, it comes with a lifetime warranty and hydrophobic and oleophobic screen coating as well. A pack of 2 comes for just $5 at Amazon which is a steal deal.

10. MYLBOO Screen Protector for OnePlus 7T

This Screen Protector from MYLBOO for OnePlus 7T is known for offering a great protection to flat sections using laser microdissection. The 9H hardness scale of this glass also makes it a Scratch-Resistant. Also, installing this Screen Protector on your OnePlus 7T is not a difficult task at all. In the package, you get 2 tempered glass screen protectors, microfiber cleaning cloth, alcohol packaging and dust stickers. Having said that, you can get this Screen Protector for as low as $5 on Amazon.

So that’s it guys, this was our take on Best OnePlus 7T Screen Protectors. We hope that you found this list useful. Let us know your pick for the Best OnePlus 7T Screen Protector in the comments section down below.

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