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[Solved] Headphone Audio Channel Swap issue on OnePlus Phones

Many smartphone manufacturers abandoned beloved 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of technologies & design. Since most people were changing to wireless technologies, it was not big a deal. But, still many users who prefer their wired headphones use an adapter for USB-C to 3.5mm. But most OnePlus users are reporting headphone audio channel swap issue in audio playback that the audio channels are reversed. To be clear, the audio that should come out of the Right earpiece is coming out of the Left earpiece and vice versa.

Although there is no perfect reason or solution for this OnePlus headphone audio swap channel issue from the OnePlus team, but the users are reporting that there is no issue with Bluetooth playback. This audio swap issue can also be dated back to times of OnePlus 5T when they had a headphone jack on them.

OnePlus headphone audio channel swap issue

How to fix OnePlus headphone audio channel swap issue

If you have normal in-ear headphones, you can simply replace the right earpiece with the left while inserting it into your ear. But, if you have a half in-ear or similar ones with ear-specific insertion, it is impossible to swap them.

Although media playback such as music or video will not be an issue, but it can be difficult to use it for playing games such as PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty Mobile since they use spatial audio for hearing enemy directions. So, until we get official fixes from OnePlus, here are a few things that you can do to solve this problem:

Channel Swap in Media Apps

You can use some third party media playing apps like VLC or MX player and swap the audio channels while playing audio or video files. This effect works within that app itself.

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Install MX player, open your media file, select HW+ or SW decoder for audio and go to Option by tapping on three dots, Audio > Stereo mode > Reverse stereo. This will reverse the audio channel for your video playback.

Changing Audio Output to Mono

If you are just annoyed by the reversed output and don’t want any stereo effect while playback, then you can simply turn on mono audio output on your phone.

Resolved OnePlus earphone audio channel swap issue

Go to Settings > Accessibility and enable Mono Audio. This merges both rights and left output int a single channel.

Change Mixer Path in Rooted Device

If you have a rooted device, then you are in a bit of great luck. You have access to system files and folders, so you can configure and reverse the output.

Warning: This is not recommended as modifying system files may result in an unusable phone. So proceed only if you know what you are doing.

Open any root file explorer app and navigate to the following folder: /system/vendor/etc/ and look for the file named mixer_paths.xml.

Note: Create a backup of the file to use later if something goes wrong.

Open the file in a text editor, and find these lines under

<path name="headphones">
<ctl name="RX1 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" />
<ctl name="RX2 MIX1 INP1" value="RX2" />

and change it with:

<ctl name="RX1 MIX1 INP1" value="RX2" />
<ctl name="RX2 MIX1 INP1" value="RX1" />

This swaps channels 1 to 2 and vice versa. Here channels 1, 2 means left and right channels of audio. Save it and reboot. Check if it works.


Although these methods could work, they are temporary. Better write to customer care and wait for an official solution on the issue. People spend a huge amount of money on flagship-level phones. Hence consumers can not tolerate such issues, considering the price point.

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How to Fix OnePlus 8 Pro Display Issues

Recently OnePlus launched its flagship killer with flagship features. This brand earned so much of its name in recent years. No doubt, OnePlus makes amazing phones. OnePlus makes phones which feel so much premium and smooth. There was a lot of hype for the latest OnePlus 8 Pro because of its Quad HD 120Hz refresh rate Fluid AMOLED display. But the hype was not worthy as people are coming out with a lot of OnePlus 8 Pro display issues with the new smartphone. Most of the complaints were about its super display and Black Crush. Today we will address these issues and fix them appropriately.

Most of the people who used the new OnePlus 8 Pro in recent days have complained about a lot of display issues. Many of them report some kind of issue in their displays, including black crush, multi-color bars, screen going blank, and much more. The issue like Black Crush on the screen, Green hue in low brightness, and many more issues to be discussed further. Some of these issues are hardware-based, so you need to check with customer care. However, some of these OnePlus 8 Pro display issues can be fixed with a little troubleshooting guide.

OnePlus 8 Pro Display Issues

What are OnePlus 8 Pro Display issues?

OnePlus has a good reputation for delivering phones with good quality display. OnePlus 8 Pro has a good reputation for the best screens in the market. But recently, many users are reporting issues where they see a black screen, green hue, or screen flickering from time to time. And some minor issues like Monochromatic display, Hight temperature color, Screen flashing, etc. The cause of these issues may be software compatibility, hardware damage, or some sort of device setting.

How To Fix OnePlus 8 Pro Display Problems

There are many reasons for the above-mentioned issues. Some of them are hardware-based problems, so you need to claim your device warranty. However, some of them are easy to fix, with some setting tweaks. Let us discuss the reasons behind every problem with possible solutions.

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Black Crush – Screen Goes Black

oneplus 8 black crush

This is the problem faces by 40% of the users where they see Black patches all over the screen. It causes crushed black color production on various sections of the display. As the Oneplus community states, this is a software issue. But the problems in still there after the update. This makes it clear that Oneplus in having a hardware issue in its pannel.

How to Fix Black Crush issue?

This issue is a major problem as it is not confirmed by the officials yet. OnePlus says it is a software issue, but critics say otherwise. One of the OnePlus support executives agreed on it as a hardware problem. So users cant repaid such a problem on their own. The only option is to wait for official notice from OnePlus, so that the users may get a replacement or refund.

Green Display – Greenish Tint

oneplus green display

Green Hue is an issue related to the color and saturation of the device display. Users report about having a greenish layer or shade when they turn down the brightness. The issue is common among Oneplus users. In some scenarios, it actually happens when you turn ON the DC Dimming feature in OnePlus. This looks likes:

How To Fix Green Display Issue?

The green display might be a hardware issue or a software glitch. In most scenarios, the issue arises because of incorrect color calibration. If you want to get rid of such a greenish tint, then you can disable the DC dimming option on your OnePlus device.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on utilities.
  3. There you find an option OnePlus Laboratory, open that.
  4. Here you find DC Dimming.
  5. Turn on this feature to remove the flickering issue.

If the issues still persist, then you have to schedule an appointment with OnepLus customer support to resolve the issues.

Screen Flickering Issue

oneplus Screen Flickering Issue

Many users have reported this issue where they see screen flicker or jittering issues. In most scenarios, this is caused by the accidental Flash screen for GPU updates option. This option is available under the developer option under the setting page. Maybe you have enabled it by mistake. After disabling the feature, your screen will work as normal.

How To Fix Screen Flickering Issue?

In some scenarios, the issue can be fixed with a software setting. However, if the issue still persists, then it might be a hardware issue that must be checked professionally by the OnePlus customer care team.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Developer options.
  3. There you find the “Flash screen for GPU updates” option.
  4. Turn OFF this feature to remove the flickering issue.

Bars On Display

In this problem, the device shows jitter behavior and shows random patters on your display. This is certainly a hardware issue. These bars appear randomly with no fixed pattern. It may disappear within seconds or may go as long as you own the device.

How To Fix Bars On Display Issue?

Random patterns and bars are a cause of physical damage most commonly. Where the user damaged the phone, or it’s an out of the box assembly damage. But surely physical damage. So the only solution is the replacement of the damaged part, whether the display panel or the mainboard. Visit your nearest OnePlus service center as soon as possible.

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Yellowish Display Issue

Some users report that their display has very warm color saturation. This means the display is showing a yellowish tone. But this is not a hardware or software issue, and it is a software feature known as Reading\Night mode. This reduces strain on your eyes while reading something or using your phone in very low lighting conditions. It is possible that you might have enabled it by mistake.

How To Fix Yellowish Display Issue?

As this not a hardware or software issue, we can solve it easily. You need to follow these steps to turn off Reading mode. Reading mode is there to help the user to reduce stress on the eyes. Here are the steps-

  1. Open the Settings app and navigate to Display options.
  2. Tap on Reading mode. 
  3. Turn it off using the toggle button.

Note: There is a quick toggle button also available to turn on\off reading mode form quick settings option.

High Refresh Rate Not Working Issue

Generally, no major issue is reported regarding the new 120hz refresh rate. It is working fine on almost all devices. But some users are not aware of this feature. So this is a new technology in which the display refreshes itself 120 times per second, which in practice makes the display so much smoother. UI scroll-like fluid. To enable this, you may follow these steps-

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on  Display.
  3. Click the Advanced option.
  4. Open Refresh Rate.
  5. Select between 60hz and 120hz. (120hz means more smooth)


OnePlus is famous for making premium flagship devices with a super smooth experience. Some people call it the fastest Android phone of 2020. And definitely OnePlus 8 Pro is a beast because of its specs sheet, but this time, people are not happy because of the OnePlus 8 Pro display issues, and these must be solved as soon as possible. Whether it’s a hardware or software issue, it should be solved. So it’s better to wait for some time before you upgrade your daily driver with a new OnePlus 8 Pro.

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What is Android Auto? What are its Features and Benefits?

Android Auto is a driving companion app for car entertainment and navigation head units. It is developed by Google and can be used with smartphones running Android OS. It aims at a distraction-free driving experience while trying to provide what is necessary. This technology is already available in 36 countries, including India, as of April 2020. Currently, this technology has access to music, calls, messaging and etc. from the phone and can control car audio systems. But in the future, we can expect this technology to have access to vehicle data such as sensor inputs and outputs, fuel levels, wheel speed, high-quality car GPS antenna, directional speakers, etc. The list here might be finite, but the capability is beyond. We have seen Android OS evolve. Android Auto will also evolve in a similar way.

Android Auto is a great feature. It is very useful while driving. This becomes a perfect replacement for Apple’s CarPlay for iPhones. In this article, we will be explaining everything that you should know about Android Auto and how to use Android Auto in your car.

what is android auto

How does Android Auto work?

Android Auto works as a casting function from your phone. But, this doesn’t cast the whole screen as it would do with a screen mirroring software or HDMI screen connection. Instead, this only shows few-important apps, like in Google Now. Install the Android Auto app from Google Play store and connect your phone with a USB cable to a compatible system head in your car and click on the Android Auto icon from the dash screen. Android Auto screen will open in your dash. This app supports both touch panel and key (button) based head unit systems.

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Although, using voice commands for controlling the system is highly recommended to minimalize distraction. The unit just acts as an external controller for your phone. Hence accessing your contacts and messages is easy and works seamlessly. It also links directly to your accounts like Google, Spotify, etc. Hence it can play your favorite songs and songs from your playlists.

What are its features and benefits?

android auto benefits

Android Auto connects your phone to your car’s in-dash entertainment system. With this, you can use Android Auto compatible apps such as Google Maps, Google Play Music, Spotify, etc. In addition, you can also control calls and messages directly from the dash without any distractions while driving. Everything here is designed for drivers’ ease of use. The core feature of this technology is using Google Assistance with the help of in-steering control buttons. You can activate the Google Assistant and start using it with the help of voice commands.

How to use Android Auto?

how to use android auto

If your car’s in-dash system supports Android Auto, you can use it with your phone. For this, download Android Auto from Google Play store and connect your phone to the dash using USB cables. After that, open the Android Auto app on the phone and also click on the Android Auto icon on your dash’s screen.

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This will open a quick menu for controls from where you can open your favorite music apps like Spotify, YT music, etc. straight from the dash. Hence, you can open your favorite app and start playing music. This currently supports a limited number of apps. But we will be able to see more in the near future. You can control media playback of your favorite streaming services like Spotify or Gaana directly from the dash or even using physical buttons available in your steering wheels. Also, you can ask Google assistant to play specific songs.

android auto apps

Similarly, you can use the assistant to make calls for you, read text messages just received, or send text messages to anyone in your contacts. Click on the assistant button on your steering or on your dash screen and say your commands like “Call Dad” or “Message Alex” it will do it for you. It utilizes your phone’s internet connection since it’s just your phone running on your dash.

Is using Android Auto beneficial?

Most definitely, the answer is yes. Distractions while driving leads to road accidents. So, by minimizing interaction with devices, while behind the wheels, we can reduce distractions. Here’s where Google’s voice commands shine. You can go fully hands-free and concentrate on driving. Just like asking your friend to do controls for you

Google’s voice command, combined with Google Maps, could be a powerful tool to have while driving. Google Maps is familiar with many people, so it will be easy to use. Especially, its step by step, voice-guided navigation will surely come in handy I’m finding shortcuts, new routes, and locating services like a gas station or food & restaurants. The app can utilize specials sensors in your phone like a gyroscope or a magnetometer (Compass) and provide a much useful navigation system. Still way ahead of the native solution provided by the stock car manufacturer.

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People who live a busy life can’t afford to disconnect from communication even when driving, due to business calls and texts—but texting or calling while driving is dangerous and is an offense in many countries. So, Android Auto serves as a perfect solution for those people. Android Auto aims at eliminating distractions while driving and lets the driver concentrate.

This technology can be expanded with the help of accessing car data such as sensors and give personalized, circumstance based solutions for drivers. For instance, the app can enable the “Do not disturb” mode automatically while in heavy traffic situations. We can expect such features in the near future. Google currently released supports (APIs) for music and communication. They promised to develop more supports for developers to bring their app to the Android Auto platform.


In this rush life, there is always a need for apps and technologies that make life easier. Android Auto is also such technology. Safety is most important when it comes to driving. Since it affects not only you but also the people who are traveling along with you, both inside and outside of your vehicle, so everyone should act responsibly and avoid taking calls or texting while driving. Although this technology can be very useful, we should always drive safely.

FAQ: Learn more about Android Auto

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto is a driving companion app with technology developed by Google which enables smartphones to connect to the car display system and works as a casting function. But, this doesn’t cast the whole screen as it would do with a screen mirroring software or HDMI screen connection.

How to use Android Auto?

If your car’s in-dash system supports Android Auto, you can use it with your phone. For this, download Android Auto from Google play store and connect your phone to the dash using USB cables.

Is using Android Auto beneficial?

Most definitely, the answer is yes. Distractions while driving leads to road accidents. So, by minimizing interaction with devices, while behind the wheels, we can reduce distractions.

Is Android Auto available in all cars?

Android Auto is an advanced technology that is not available on every single cars. In case, if you are scratching your head to learn about the vehicle compatibility, then check on the official car webpage or Android Auto webpage.

How to enable Android Auto in my car?

Unfortunately, car manufacturers keeping Android Auto function disabled by default, and you need to enable it manually. The user-interface differs from one vehicle to another motor vehicle, but you should be able to find it after exploring through the settings after installing Android Auto on your phone.

Is Android Auto better than Apple CarPlay?

Android management reached out hundreds of popular vehicle manufacturers for collaboration. Google ahead of Apple in terms of collaboration and open projects, and they tied up with hundreds of car manufacturers and it supports more cars.

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How to Increase OnePlus 7 Battery Life

Improve OnePlus 7 Battery: At present, most of the forerunner brand manufacturers are primarily using AI fast charging technology in their smartphone assembling, that helps to boost battery juice within a few minutes of charging. Also, they offer wireless charging and claim for a longer battery life which is able to run your smartphones for a whole day or more only at a single charge. But in most of the cases, you need to charge your phone more than once a day as the AI technology fails to maintain the longer battery life during heavy days. Hence it becomes imperative to find out some easy ways to increase your OnePlus 7 battery life and last longer.

OnePlus is a leading brand offers many extensive features in its latest smartphone series and successfully built a reputation in the smartphone manufacturing industry. The unique user experience they offer is probably unattainable for other Android manufacturers. OnePlus 7 is an essentially upgraded version of OnePlus 6T. It is a compact and lighter phone having a 6.4-inch display.

OnePlus 7 Battery

How to Extend OnePlus 7 Battery Life

The OnePlus 7 comes with a 3700 mAh battery with 20 Watt fast charger. With a blazingly fast charging speed, it takes about 30 minutes to charge the battery 50% and just one hour to be 90%. Though it has a very good battery configuration, the more uses of data in gaming, movie watching, and other tasks discharge your battery very fast. Sometimes background running apps and other incorrect settings also eat up your battery power too fast. To increase battery life in OnePlus 7 and enjoy the uninterrupted gaming focus on some simple tricks.

Method 1: Fix Your Screen Timeout Settings

Your OnePlus 7 display is one among the largest battery drains, that the best thanks to hampering on battery usage are to stay it off whenever you are not actively operating it. 

Go into the Settings menu and tap to the Sleep to regulate however long the show stays on once it isn’t being touched. Change the default screen timeout to the minimum possible unit to save you each possible bit of the battery.

Method 2: Disable the Ambient Display

Increase battery life of OnePlus 7 by adjusting Ambient settings
Adjust Ambient Settings

An abnormal battery drain is caused due to an ‘Always On’ display mode. To save your battery charge from random lowering always keep of your Ambient Display settings.

Tap on to the Settings – navigate Ambient Display and tap on it – Turn off the ‘Pick Up Your Phone to Show’ and Turn On the ‘Tap the Screen to Show’ and achieve complete control over your display screen.

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Method 3: Turn Off the Notifications

Turn off new notifications to increase battery life in OnePlus 7
Adjust New Notifications

If you get tons of notifications, you’ll be able to think about turning off the “New notifications” setting similarly — although this is often a fairly nice feature to warn you of once new notifications are available. Excess amount of background running notifications consumes a good amount of battery and drain it rapidly.

Go to the Settings – Scroll down for Display SettingsTurn off New notifications

Method 4: Enable Dark Mode

Enable Dark mode settings to increase battery life of OnePlus 7
Dark Mode Enabling

Enabling the Dark Mode can effectively improve the battery life of your mobile on OLED display in your One Plus 7 mobile. Generally, this OLED display is used to light up all pixels on your screen. Enabling the Dark Mode ensures that only a few pixels are being used to light up your screen. This completely blacked out Dark Mode of OnePlus 7, drastically improves your battery life by increasing yours on screen time.

To enable the Dark Mode:

Go to the Settings – Tap on the Display – navigate the Theme option and tap on it – select Dark option.

Now it is changed all over into the Dark Mode.

Method 5: Drop the Screen Resolution

Drop screen resolution to increase the battery life in OnePlus 7
Adjust Screen Resolution

The maximum resolution and clarity mode in your OnePlus 7 uses to brighten up a whole lot of pixels, which depletes your battery very fast. Luckily you can manage a vibrant and bright screen after downgrading the screen resolutions too. You can also select the Auto Switch option that automatically switches your screen to the correct resolutions as per need.

To proceed the screen resolution:

First, go to the Settings – Tap on to the Display – Scroll down the screen and select Resolution by tapping on it – Choose among the options either Auto Switch or Others.

This is the best way to conserve your battery life for long running days.

Method 6: Reboot the Phone

Reboot your phone to increase battery life in OnePlus 7
Reboot Your Phone

It is the easiest way to deal with the fastest draining battery issues. As you notice that the battery is draining too fast or you want to give a fresh start to your phone, press the Power button and tap to the Reboot option. The phone will automatically be rebooted. You can also use manual rebooting to refresh your mobile settings.

Method 7: Isolate the Apps Draining the Battery

Isolate the apps draining the battery to increase the battery life of OnePlus 7
Isolating the Draining Apps

Have a look at the apps you are using in your mobile. There are many apps consuming your battery more than the amount they should. Sometimes when installing an app from Play Store some other apps automatically installed in your phone. Check for such apps and uninstall them.

Jump into the Settings menu then tap on the Battery option and it will present you a detailed breakdown of all apps and their battery consumptions. The frequently used apps display on the top of the list. You can uninstall the useless apps and limit the per day usage of most using apps.

Method 8: Uses of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS

Turn of WiFi Bluetooth GPS to increase the battery life in OnePlus 7
Turn Off The WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS when not in use

An always-on Bluetooth can cause a continuous battery downfall. Same is with the Wi-Fi and GPS. A running WiFi always searches for a network to connect and consumes the charging of your battery. Hence it is far better to turn off these features while they are not in use. Also removing the apps using GPS navigation can also increase some hours to your battery life.

Method 9: Turn on the Battery Saver Mode

Turn On battery saving Mode to increase the battery life in OnePlus 7
Turn On Battery Saver Mode

Go to the Settings – Tap on to the Battery – Turn on the Battery Saver

You can set the battery limits and turn on the automatic battery saver mode or you choose to turn on battery saver now when you needed. It restricts background apps to access the charges automatically.

By following these simple and easy steps you can increase battery life on OnePlus 7 phone and get rid off from the battery and its charging issues.



How to Fix Android Auto Not Working

Fix Android Auto issues: Android Auto is an official technology that enables smartphones to connect to the car display system. Vehicle manufacturers were provided legal authorization and technology to add it on several entry-level and high-end cars. The combination of vehicle and Android smartphone creates a unique communication line that prevents accidents, and consumers will never miss a call. It adds up additional functions such as listening to the songs in a vehicle without connecting USB flash drive or SD card and play music over the phone.

OnePlus exploded in the market, when the company launched flagship killer devices around the world. The budget-friendly high-end smartphone’s literally had every single piece of technology that rival brands were selling in the market. I have used the word “LITERALLY” because OnePlus manufacturer started to tone down smartphone features and hiking the price on newer devices.

Android Auto requires specific requirements and it includes Hardware + Software, and non-functioning services contribute to several aspects. Today, we are going to explore the reasons why Android Auto is not working, and how to fix them.

Android Auto not working

How to Fix Android Auto Not Working

1. Compatibility

An Android consumer cannot outrun hardware requirements. Several users could not figure out the contributing problem due to lack of information on the official website. Allow us to provide in-depth information on the Android software requirements, and specific Android Auto requirement.


Those, who are aware of the technology limitations, the Android Auto is not available in several countries. I’m going to list down a number of countries that integrated Android Auto on wide-range of vehicles.

  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Chile
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • Germany
  • France
  • India
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Paraguay
  • Puerto Rico
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Uruguay 
  • Venezuela

If your native country or region is not listed above, then consider yourself unlucky. The officials are working on expanding the services globally, so do not lose faith in technology.

Android Version:

Don’t get surprised by device incompatibility because only 10.4% consumers are using Android 9.0 version. The official developers of Google’s Android announced that Android Auto supports on Android 5.0 or above devices. I recommend OnePlus consumers to update the software up to Nougat 7 and make sure to subscribe for a higher data plan.

Android Auto not working

I don’t prefer to repeat the same sentence twice, but your device must have an active internet connection. I recommend 3G connection or above for seamless connectivity.

2. Vehicle Compatibility

Android management reached out hundreds of popular vehicle manufacturers for collaboration. Google ahead of Apple in terms of collaboration and open projects, and they tied up with hundreds of car manufacturers.

Android Auto is an advanced technology that is not available on every single model of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Vauxhall, UniMax, Tata Motors, and more. Let us take Tata Motors for instance, where the manufacturer integrated Google’s Android technology on Nexon (2017) only.

Android Auto Vehicle Compatibility

Meanwhile, Tata Motors launches hundreds of passenger vehicles every year. The concept applies to big names in the industry such as Subaru, Suzuki, Skoda, Renault, Peugeot, etc. Of course, big brand names such as Audi, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Citroën, Ford, and more welcomed the technology in several cars.

In case, if you are scratching your head to learn about the vehicle compatibility, then check on the official car webpage or Android Auto webpage. Due to technology limitations and budget-friendly oriented solutions miss out Android Auto because it increases expenditure cost & eliminates budget-friendly tag in the vehicle market.

3. Double-check Hardware Connectivity

Currently, Android Auto supports USB cable connectivity and Car receiver technology. I did not mention limitations properly, but apparently cable length above 5ft long disturbs connectivity. The company also states that using an extension or unsupported USB cable can trigger the issue.

Android consumers must bring along USB cable bundled in the phone box and third-party or non-OEM verified USB cable can create distortions in connectivity. Using third-party USB cable is not allowed as the technology is fairly new for the Industrial manufacturers.

Millions of car commuters modify the vehicle in some way, and it invites drawbacks that they do not know about it. You must have witnessed people changing “Car Receivers” and choosing an aftermarket solution instead. 

I recommend sticking to stock “Car Receivers” or “Bluetooth Receiver” because the drivers & compatibility meets official Android Auto application. Seeking support from the receiver manufacturer can resolve the problem, but switching back to the stock solution is recommended.

4. Video Flow Error

Despite owning a vehicle supporting AUTO technology, and pairing it successfully, still leading to “NO DISPLAY.” Millions of consumers suffering from Android Auto working smoothly on the device, but there is showing up on the car display. I’m not sure, whether it is a BUG or GLITCH, but you can resolve it by reconnecting it.

Step 1: Go to “Car Settings.”

Step 2: Click on “Smartphone Connections.” 

Step 3: Reconnect to Android Auto

Your phone will appear in the list, but it will be disabled for some unknown reasons. The functions won’t appear & adjusting settings is not possible, when the vehicle is on the operation.

5. Enable Android Auto

Unfortunately, manufacturers keeping AUTO function disabled by default, and you need to enable it manually. The user-interface differs from one vehicle to another motor vehicle, but you should be able to find it after exploring through the settings.

Step 1: Open Car Settings.

Step 2: Swipe down until you find “APPS” and click on it to open more settings.

Step 3: Select “Android Auto.”

Step 4: Tap to enable “Enable after USB Connection.”

Make sure to set USB connection as “ALWAYS” and it will work every time you connect the phone.

Bottom Line

Applications crafted by brands prone to BUGS & GLITCHES and a reputed company would never accept it. I recommend uninstalling Android Auto on phone and resetting software of the car. A simple technique can resolve major problems, and I already mentioned that Android Auto is fairly new technology, so update the car firmware for a smoother experience.

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How to Fix Bluetooth issues on OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7T and 7T Pro

Fix OnePlus Bluetooth Problems: Over the past few years craze for smartphones is rapidly increasing among the people. There are no barriers related to age, financial status, and rural or urban culture smartphones are the primary needs and choice for every age group from anywhere. They have become an important part of our daily activities. There are so many popular brands offering their high tech mobile phones with unbeatable features at affordable prices.

Fix OnePlus Bluetooth issue

How to Fix Bluetooth issues on OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and 7T

OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and 7T are the two recent launchings of OnePlus. In terms of features and technology, both mobiles are unbeatable. With crystal clear camera and long battery life, both phones are achieving the highest popularity among the folk spends a huge part of his day on his mobile either in social media or gaming, music, chatting and many more.

Fix Bluetooth Problem in OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 pro

Besides their advanced and unique configuration and outstanding working, some users find connectivity issues in their OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T Bluetooth with other devices such as mobiles, laptops, tablets, earphones, Car music systems, speaker devices, etc. Some simple and easy hacks can help you to fix OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T Bluetooth issues.

How to use Bluetooth on OnePlus Phones

Bluetooth is a form of wireless technology, that is used to pair up, share, and synchronize multiple devices to a master device without using any complex networks, modem, and passwords. For connecting two devices with Bluetooth technology both the devices must have Bluetooth mode.

By using Bluetooth you can easily use your mobile in a Hands-free mode. A hands-free mode allows you to talk or listen to your favorite music without taking your phone in hand or without tying up through a wired headphone to your phone. You can also share music, videos, images and documents file from one device to another device.

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Bluetooth on your mobile phone allows you to connect to your phone with your car’s music system and you can enjoy the collection of your favorite songs when traveling somewhere. You can easily transfer the pictures from your friend’s phone to your phone. There is no need of having an internet connection.

Benifits of Bluetooth device

There are so many uses of the Bluetooth mode in your OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T Mobiles. Keep the following steps into your mind and enjoy full access to your Bluetooth phone-in Hands-free mode.

1. Clear All Paired Devices

First of all clear the cache of Bluetooth app. It will release the memory space, so your Bluetooth program will run faster and smoother.

  • Go to the Setting Menu > Click on to the Application Manager > Choose Bluetooth from the System Apps list > Choose Storage > Tap on to the Clear cache and Data option.

Fix the Bluetooth oroblems in OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro by clearing the list

Check for the latest version for your OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro’s Bluetooth update. An old version of Bluetooth software may cause several issues while connecting to different devices. So update it from time to time.

If you are facing trouble to find available Bluetooth devices list then turn off your Bluetooth once and then turn on it again. You can directly turn on/off your Bluetooth by enabling the Bluetooth icon in the notification panel.

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Sometimes your Bluetooth device is not visible to the other devices. It is because of the disabled option of Make this device discoverable. To make your Phone’s Bluetooth visibility to others head to the Bluetooth settings menu and enable the ‘Make this discoverable’ option. Now other Bluetooth devices can easily find your OnePlus mobile with its name.

bluetooth pair

When your Bluetooth is on but failed to identify the other available Bluetooth devices in the nearby area, then you should reset all previous settings of your Bluetooth app and restore it to normal. It will clear all the history of your previous Bluetooth connections, Pins and the record of data you have shared before.

2. Reset Bluetooth Settings

Start with tapping on to the Settings > System > Reset > Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile & Bluetooth.

When your Bluetooth devices to be paired are not placed closer to each other, it seems trouble in their connectivity. Make sure that both devices are placed enough closer to easily receive the radio waves of each other. Always keep enabling your mobile security because sometimes disabled security obstacles to whitelist your Bluetooth connectivity.

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Before searching for the new device to connect, delete the previous list of devices. It will help you to pick your desired device too fast. Ask for the proper name of someone’s Bluetooth device. It permits you to connect the appropriate device you want to share your data.

Ask Clearly the device details before connecting with your Bluetooth

If your Bluetooth is not connecting with your car, clear the previous list of connected devices to your Bluetooth. Now try to connect your OnePlus 7 Pro with your car by following the steps below:

  • Open Phone Settings > Clear connected devices > Enable Bluetooth > Open Bluetooth on your car > Search for the available devices > Select your mobile Bluetooth name > Match the PIN with your mobile and confirm it > Allow to access contacts and call history > Tap to the Pair > finally Accept the data.
  • Provide the correct passcode.
  • Check for the Bluetooth antenna for its functioning.
  • Restore your phone to its factory settings, and try to connect again.

Bluetooth technology is introduced to improve our lives. It offers fast and quick access to your mobile operations while executing your other per day activities. You can do multiple things along with taking a call on your mobile. Just by paying attention to the maintenance and easy tricks to fix OnePlus 7, OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T Bluetooth issues you can enjoy the faster data transfer and mobile connectivity with other devices.

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