How to Record Calls on OnePlus 8, 8 Pro, 7T, 7T Pro, 7, 7 Pro

Looking for ways to record phone calls on your OnePlus Phone? OnePlus is among those OEMs who provide phone call recording features internally, but it might be disable in some countries due to laws and telecom regulations. But, call recording feature is one everyone should have in their device. As it may be very useful in many situations. Recording calls may save you from many issues specially the legal ones. The call recording may also help you to keep the records of calls if you want. It can also help you if you forgot something you were said on the call.

OnePlus exists from 2013, however recently, OnePlus devices are getting much attention due to their excellent features and pricing. Their devices include all the necessary features that people expect and run on OxygenOS. Auto Call Recording in OnePlus phone feature is the primary feature that every phone has, however, according to the region you live in. You might be unable to access the extra features that OnePlus supports. One such feature is the call recording feature, which enables you to record your phone calls whenever you wish.

If you live in a region where recording calls is illegal, then we won’t suggest you do read further. However, if you want to know how to enable the call recording feature of your OnePlus phone, then this article is for you. If your device doesn’t have the call recording option, then you will have to root your device and install call recording modules. However, if your phone supports the call recording feature and it is disabled, then you can manually turn it on if it is legal in your country. To know further, read the methods mentioned below on how to record calls on any OnePlus phones.

How to Record Calls on OnePlus Phones – Root and No Root Method in 2021

Recording calls in Your OnePlus smartphone is a common gimmick now. It is strange that OnePlus is not giving this feature built-in while other smartphone manufacturers are providing this feature. But no worries, as there are some root and non-root methods to enable native call recording in OnePlus smartphones.

Downloads Section: Record Calls on OnePlus Phones

Here you will find all required files/apps:

FilenameDownload Server
Magisk_Manager.ZipOfficial Website
Flashable Zip (TWRP)Google Drive
EnableOOSNativeCallRecordingv2.prf.xmlGoogle Drive
EnableOOSNativeCallRecording v2.0.apkGoogle Drive
ADB Tools for PCOfficial Server
Call Recorder by BoldbeastGoogle PlayStore

Call Recording on OnePlus – Root Methods

Non-Rooted methods tend to fails when it comes to more secure devices. Therefore you will need to Root your devices to grant SuperUser permission to the app or module, which you will be using to Enable Call Recording on your OnePlus device.

You can use any means to root your device, and you can flash a zip file using ADB, you can use KingRoot and similar applications like that and lastly, you can use Magisk app, to download and flash the zip file within the app. After rooting your device to enable Call Recording is just some mere steps. You can flash a zip file from TWRP or install an app, and you can install a module from Magisk.

Method 1: Installing OnePlus Call Recorder Magisk Module

You can use Magisk Module even if your device is not rooted. Therefore you can give this a try if you are worried about a few applications that don’t work when it’s on a rooted device like Banking application. You can hide root from other applications using Magisk also rooting will give more control over the device and its features.

  • Firstly, you will have to download and install the Magisk Manager and flash the Magisk zip file on your device for rooting. You can download it from the download section above. To install/download the call recording module, launch the Magisk Manager. Swipe left to right or click on the three horizontal lines above and select Download from the menu.
  • Click on the Search icon at the top right corner, type call, and search.
how to record calls on OnePlus
  • Look for OOS Native Call Recording Enabler. Once you see it click on it and select install, if you cant to install it later, then you can select Download. You can flash that later but if you select install Magisk will automatically download and install the module for you.
how to record phone calls on OnePlus
  • Click on reboot to restart your phone and then enable the Call recording option by click on the setting option on your phone dialer app and toggling on the Call recording option.
how to record phone calls on OnePlus

Method 2: Flashing Zip File using TWRP

If your device is rooted and you have unlocked your bootloader, then probably you have changed your boot to TWRP, if not then change it. The method will also work on a non-rooted device, but you will need TWRP boot.

  • Download the flashable file from the downloads section above, copy-paste the  EnableOOSNativeCallRecording-Flashable file in your SD card and remember the location.
  • Reboot your device in TWRP recovery mode, select install, go to the location where you have kept the .zip file and install it.
  • Now, restart your device, and you can find the Call recording function in the dialer app settings. The feature will be enabled in every boot because by flashing a zip file, you will be adding an RC script that will be executed during every boot.

Method 3: Using custom Tasker Profile

Tasker is an automation assistant app which comes preinstalled in OnePlus smartphones. With this app, you can automate many tasks such as turning on night mode, deleting scrape files, and much more. Here we have a clever trick to use call recording automation script to enable call recording whenever you are calling someone or receiving a call.

  • First, download EnableOOSNativeCallRecordingv2.prf.xml from the downloads section and save it in your device memory.
  • Open the Tasker app and go to the profiles section.
  • Here, click on Add new and select the downloaded XML file.
  • After successful import, reboot your device and you’re ready to go!

Method 4: Root Recorder App which runs on boot

There are several root apps that can’t enable auto-call recording feature in OnePlus device. Here is one app developed by XDA member – shadowstep, which enables native call recording.

  • Download EnableOOSNativeCallRecording v2.0.apk from the downloads section and install it on your device.
  • Run the app and grant root permission to the app.
  • Set auto call recorder setting ain’t he app and exit. The app will run in the background and will enable auto call recording in OnePlus smartphone.

Call Recording on OnePlus – Non-Root Methods

There are two ways in which you can enable Call Recording feature on your OnePlus Device. If you don’t wanna go through the hassle of rooting your phone, then these two methods are for you. You can use your Pc and use ADB to forcefully enable the Call Recording feature, or you can use a third-party application. Although the success rate varies, the method is compatible with OnePlus 5, 5T, 6, 6T, 7, 7 Pro, 7T, 7T Pro, 8, 8 Pro and Nord phones with OxygenOS.

Method 1: Enable Call Recording Using ADB Command via Computer

  • First, you will need a computer, install the ADB tools on your system from the downloads section above. Download and extract the folder, to run ADB, Go to the ADB folder, on the address bar type cmd and hit enter. You can also press Shift and right-click and choose Open in Command Window here, and some users may see the Powershell option here. The command can be executed from PowerShell too.
  • Go to your phone Settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer option. Turn on the Developer option, scroll down and toggle on the USB Debugging option. If the developer option is not available, go to Settings -> About Phone and click multiple times on the Version. Then you can enable USB debugging.
  • Connect your OnePlus device to your PC. Click OK if a confirmation prompt appears on your smartphone.
USB debug

Now, just run the following code on the command prompt and hit Enter. Reboot your device and enable Call recording feature by launching the phone dialer app, click on Setting icon at the upper right corner. Select Call recordings and toggle on the option Record All calls.

adb shell settings put global op_voice_recording_supported_by_mcc 1
oneplus phone call recording

Method 2: Installing Third-Party Applications from Google Play Store

If you don’t wanna do the hassle to install and flash, then installing a third-party application from Google Play Store is your best choice. There are plenty of Call recordings on Google Play, but there are only a few that you can actually use without any issues. If you are using Android 10 or later devices, then Call Recorder by Boldbeast is your application. The app supports all Android OS, and on a test, it has shown that it can record clear call recordings on all OnePlus phones.

This way, you would be able to record calls on OnePlus 6, 6T, 7, 7 Pro, 7T, 7T Pro, 8, 8 Pro and Nord phone this method will also works other OnePlus phones as well, even if you didn’t get the built-in recording option in device. All your recordings would get saved in MP3 format in your internal storage partition, in a folder named’ record’.

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