How to Fix Android Auto Not Working

Fix Android Auto issues: Android Auto is an official technology that enables smartphones to connect to the car display system. Vehicle manufacturers were provided legal authorization and technology to add it on several entry-level and high-end cars. The combination of vehicle and Android smartphone creates a unique communication line that prevents accidents, and consumers will never miss a call. It adds up additional functions such as listening to the songs in a vehicle without connecting USB flash drive or SD card and play music over the phone.

OnePlus exploded in the market, when the company launched flagship killer devices around the world. The budget-friendly high-end smartphone’s literally had every single piece of technology that rival brands were selling in the market. I have used the word “LITERALLY” because OnePlus manufacturer started to tone down smartphone features and hiking the price on newer devices.

Android Auto requires specific requirements and it includes Hardware + Software, and non-functioning services contribute to several aspects. Today, we are going to explore the reasons why Android Auto is not working, and how to fix them.

Android Auto not working

How to Fix Android Auto Not Working

1. Compatibility

An Android consumer cannot outrun hardware requirements. Several users could not figure out the contributing problem due to lack of information on the official website. Allow us to provide in-depth information on the Android software requirements, and specific Android Auto requirement.


Those, who are aware of the technology limitations, the Android Auto is not available in several countries. I’m going to list down a number of countries that integrated Android Auto on wide-range of vehicles.

  • Australia
  • Argentina
  • Austria
  • Bolivia
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Chile
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • Guatemala
  • Germany
  • France
  • India
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Mexico
  • New Zealand
  • Paraguay
  • Puerto Rico
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Uruguay 
  • Venezuela

If your native country or region is not listed above, then consider yourself unlucky. The officials are working on expanding the services globally, so do not lose faith in technology.

Android Version:

Don’t get surprised by device incompatibility because only 10.4% consumers are using Android 9.0 version. The official developers of Google’s Android announced that Android Auto supports on Android 5.0 or above devices. I recommend OnePlus consumers to update the software up to Nougat 7 and make sure to subscribe for a higher data plan.

Android Auto not working

I don’t prefer to repeat the same sentence twice, but your device must have an active internet connection. I recommend 3G connection or above for seamless connectivity.

2. Vehicle Compatibility

Android management reached out hundreds of popular vehicle manufacturers for collaboration. Google ahead of Apple in terms of collaboration and open projects, and they tied up with hundreds of car manufacturers.

Android Auto is an advanced technology that is not available on every single model of Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Vauxhall, UniMax, Tata Motors, and more. Let us take Tata Motors for instance, where the manufacturer integrated Google’s Android technology on Nexon (2017) only.

Android Auto Vehicle Compatibility

Meanwhile, Tata Motors launches hundreds of passenger vehicles every year. The concept applies to big names in the industry such as Subaru, Suzuki, Skoda, Renault, Peugeot, etc. Of course, big brand names such as Audi, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Citroën, Ford, and more welcomed the technology in several cars.

In case, if you are scratching your head to learn about the vehicle compatibility, then check on the official car webpage or Android Auto webpage. Due to technology limitations and budget-friendly oriented solutions miss out Android Auto because it increases expenditure cost & eliminates budget-friendly tag in the vehicle market.

3. Double-check Hardware Connectivity

Currently, Android Auto supports USB cable connectivity and Car receiver technology. I did not mention limitations properly, but apparently cable length above 5ft long disturbs connectivity. The company also states that using an extension or unsupported USB cable can trigger the issue.

Android consumers must bring along USB cable bundled in the phone box and third-party or non-OEM verified USB cable can create distortions in connectivity. Using third-party USB cable is not allowed as the technology is fairly new for the Industrial manufacturers.

Millions of car commuters modify the vehicle in some way, and it invites drawbacks that they do not know about it. You must have witnessed people changing “Car Receivers” and choosing an aftermarket solution instead. 

I recommend sticking to stock “Car Receivers” or “Bluetooth Receiver” because the drivers & compatibility meets official Android Auto application. Seeking support from the receiver manufacturer can resolve the problem, but switching back to the stock solution is recommended.

4. Video Flow Error

Despite owning a vehicle supporting AUTO technology, and pairing it successfully, still leading to “NO DISPLAY.” Millions of consumers suffering from Android Auto working smoothly on the device, but there is showing up on the car display. I’m not sure, whether it is a BUG or GLITCH, but you can resolve it by reconnecting it.

Step 1: Go to “Car Settings.”

Step 2: Click on “Smartphone Connections.” 

Step 3: Reconnect to Android Auto

Your phone will appear in the list, but it will be disabled for some unknown reasons. The functions won’t appear & adjusting settings is not possible, when the vehicle is on the operation.

5. Enable Android Auto

Unfortunately, manufacturers keeping AUTO function disabled by default, and you need to enable it manually. The user-interface differs from one vehicle to another motor vehicle, but you should be able to find it after exploring through the settings.

Step 1: Open Car Settings.

Step 2: Swipe down until you find “APPS” and click on it to open more settings.

Step 3: Select “Android Auto.”

Step 4: Tap to enable “Enable after USB Connection.”

Make sure to set USB connection as “ALWAYS” and it will work every time you connect the phone.

Bottom Line

Applications crafted by brands prone to BUGS & GLITCHES and a reputed company would never accept it. I recommend uninstalling Android Auto on phone and resetting software of the car. A simple technique can resolve major problems, and I already mentioned that Android Auto is fairly new technology, so update the car firmware for a smoother experience.

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How to Record Calls on OnePlus 6T, 7, 7 Pro and 7T

Looking for ways to record phone calls on your OnePlus Phone? OnePlus is among those OEMs who provide phone call recording features internally, but it might be disable in some countries due to laws and telecom regulations. But, call recording feature is one everyone should have in their device. As it may be very useful in many situations. Recording calls may save you from many issues specially the legal ones. The call recording may also help you to keep the records of calls if you want. It can also help you if you forgot something you were said on the call.

OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and 7T already have this feature to record calls. With this feature users can turn on automatic recording of calls. But, as many countries don’t allow call recording and consider it as illegal as per their law, you may not have this feature in your OnePlus phones. Still, you can enable this feature in your OnePlus 6T/7/7Pro/7T device using the guide we have provided in this article. Before proceeding, it is advised to check your country laws as if it would be illegal in your country you may get into legal issues.

record phone calls on OnePlus

How to Record Phone Calls on OnePlus 6T, 7, 7 Pro and 7T

1. Download OnePlus Call Recorder Magisk Module

how to record calls on OnePlus

First you would need to download the OnePlus Call Recorder Magisk Module in your device from here. Once downloaded install and open it. Now follow the below given steps-

  • Now you would need to go to the navigation menu. This you can do either by tapping on the three dots you would get on the top left of the screen or by swiping left to the right side to get the menu.
  • Tap on Download and Here you would need to type the name of Module- ‘Call’.
  • In the list an option ‘OOS Native Call Recording Enabler’ will appear. Tap on the download icon of this option.

2. Flash OnePlus Recorder Module

how to record phone calls on OnePlus

Now just tap on install, to install the enabler. Wait to get Flash it on your device. Flashing status would appear on your screen. With this there would be an option to reboot when it’s done.

3. Reboot Your Phone

how to record phone calls on OnePlus 6T

Now, just reboot your device tapping on that option. In case, if you have accidentally missed the reboot option, you can simply reboot the device using the power button. Long press the power button, and options would appear on your screen. Tap on Restart. After rebooting, when you would open the module, OOS Native Call Recording enabler would be listed in it.

4. Enable Call Recording

record phone calls on OnePlus

Now, You would need to enable the Recording feature in your phone’s dialer app. To do this follow these steps:

  • Tap on upper Right corner and go to the Menu.
  • Tap on Settings option.
  • Select ‘Call Record’ Option. turn this option on using the toggle button.
  • Once you turn it on, you will get an additional option ‘Enable Auto Call Recording’ just below this option. You can opt for it if you want your calls to get automatically recorded.
  • If you do not, want to turn auto record feature on, then in your Dialer screen you will get a Tape icon, tapping on which you would be able to manually record your calls.

This way, you would be able to record calls on your OnePlus 6, 6T, 7, 7 Pro and 7T this method will also works other OnePlus phones as well, even if you didn’t get the built-in recording option in device. All your recordings would get saved in MP3 format in your internal storage partition, in a folder named’ record’.

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How to Fix OnePlus Microphone/Headphone is Not Working

Fix OnePlus Microphone/Headphone is not working: OnePlus is a flagship killer smartphone arrived in the portable device market several years ago. The manufacturer left an appreciative scar in the hearts of millennial and it doesn’t seem to disappear anytime soon. Rival manufacturers are seeking for an opportunity to dethrone the flagship killer by utilizing a petty mistake.

Folks have reported that OnePlus latest models are failing to produce Audio output and Microphone input via headphone. There are numerous reports emerged stating that the Microphone and Speaker not working in OnePlus 6T, 7, 7 Pro and 7T in-game while playing multi-player games like PUBG-M.

One tiny mistake can turn the tables against the OnePlus manufacturer, but we have a few solutions that you might give a shot to stabilize the situation.

oneplus microphone issue

How to Fix OnePlus Microphone/Headphone is Not Working

1. Microphone, Earpiece and Headphone Jack Not Working

We have to address the elephant in the room and take on the major issue first hand. No one can communicate with the loved ones and business people if the entire audio chipset is not functioning. Recent software updates from the manufacturer messed up the entire build and the software failing to take hardware to full extent.

Android smartphones gifted with safe mode function, which load Android OS drivers only. The Safe Mode leaves other apps in the bunker, and the counter interruption application does not affect the performance whatsoever. You can use the opportunity to identify the culprit or the end zone of the root cause.


  • Get into OnePlus Android safe mode and test the functions for software failure.
  • Reach out the nearest OnePlus service centre to get it a quick checkup.

The audio chipset failure is occurring in latest 5.0.7 update + 5.0.6 update.

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2. Turn Off Voice Apps

The 2019 year has witnessed innovation in voice commands applications and services. Android smartphone directly equipped with voice services such as “OK Google” and OnePlus-own voice service. These audio services run in the background listening to the conversation quietly like a night wolf. The microphone in the Headphones and Dual internal microphones are at work constantly.

Most demanding games such as PUBG-M have an algorithm to suppress noise gate, which requires maximum utilization of the Main microphone and Secondary microphone. The Google voice app running in the background cannot give away the main source of the function to another demanding app. Thus, we have a counter-fight between voice command apps and multiplayer games.

Solution: Turn off voice searches and actions.

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3. Bluetooth Headset Microphone Not Working

Bluetooth headsets manufacturers are bundling the modern generation wireless headphones with an advanced microphone. Interestingly, folks have reported that callers are unable to pick up voice waves from the wireless headphones. No one has come across the solution on the issue yet, and Bluetooth 4.0+ does not have such drawbacks either.


  1. Launch an inbuilt audio recorder to test microphone functionalities quickly.
  2. You can determine the quality based on the audio delay and shutters. Assuming the delay occurred then the wireless headphone microphone is not good enough to send & receive audio wave’s real-time.
  3. The recording comes out sharp & crystal clear, and then you may have discovered an internal bug.

Report the bug to the OnePlus community so that the official developers can investigate the matter further.

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4. Echo & Unclear Voice

The millennial consume considerable period to understand the hardware industry as none of the devices are 100% dust-proof in reality. There is always a probability of dust damages regardless of 100% protection against dust. The small dust particles are capable enough to enter into the vents to block the audio including microphone wavelengths as well.

The tiny particles do not seem to harm the device at the beginning, but they can gain mass over time by combining with other relevant dust particles. Cleaning the vents once in a while is a good habit, and it keeps the device from harvesting “inorganic” or “organic” dust.

Solution: Take a cotton bud and start cleaning the audio input and audio output vents.

5. Reset your OnePlus phone

OnePlus eliminated stock Android interface from the entire root system to apply Oxygen OS custom interface. The experts within the industry are familiar with the Oxygen OS bugs & glitches. I blame the Oxygen OS for causing dramatic & petty glitches that go unnoticed by the OnePlus team.

Solution: Hard Reset Android Device.

Worst Case Scenario: Do not update the software as it invites newer & unfamiliar bugs to the arsenal.


The obsession of manufacturers to take full control over the interface, we have to bear the consequences of custom ROMS like Oxygen OS. None of the blame goes to the Official Android developers as the stock Android OS smoothen millions of consumers end-user experience. Let us know what solution worked in your favour in the comment section below.

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What is OnePlus Pocket Mode and How to Use It

OnePlus Pocket Mode: Do you feel extraordinarily troubled concerning the horrendous pocket dial from your OnePlus phone? Most of the days after you place your Smartphone within your pocket, the method lands up with a contact dialing screen, taking part in the music show and gap screen of any of your mobile applications. It’s scary to face a receiver whereas you didn’t deliberately create a decision. Also, it quickly drains your battery. OnePlus has created it implausibly straightforward to manage your mobile’s options by providing a Pocket mode in its exclusive launchings. This guide will assist you to know the steps you must undergo to turn on OnePlus Pocket Mode.

OnePlus pocket mode

What is OnePlus Pocket Mode

The Pocket Mode in OnePlus is a cool, and self-driven feature that enables its user to listen to the mobile ring while it is placed inside his pocket or bag. It automatically turns on the ringtone, raises its volume, and enables vibrations, so anyone can easily listen to the ringtone of his phone and attend the call before disconnecting during travel or any other task he is performing after putting the mobile inside the pocket. Also, it prevents you from random or accidental dialing from your phone by disabling the touchscreen sensors for that particular time when you have put your phone in the pocket.

OnePlus is range 5 within the prime 5 premium Smartphone brands globally. OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and OnePlus 6T, each the phones with their exponential options are creating waves within the Smartphone business. Each phone is filled with multiple advanced options and offers full management over your phone once it’s not in use and settled within your pocket.

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Prevent your OnePlus Phone from Pocket Dialing

The advanced configuration of OnePlus mobiles provides you one toggle possibility of Pocket mode. You can enable and disable it in keeping with your wants. After you activate the pocket mode, it restricts the phone operations from accidental screen touches throughout keeping it in and pulls it out the pocket. It offers no additional phoning home to your OnePlus.

How to Turn On Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T, 7 and 7 Pro

First of all, activate the screen of your OnePlus phone. Jump on to the Settings icon and faucet thereon.

Go to the settings to turn off the pocket mode in OnePlus 6T/7
Tap on to the Settings Icon

Scrolls down to navigate the utility possibility. Faucet on Utilities to open its menu.

tap utilities to turn on/off pocket mode in OnePlus 6T/7
Tap on to Utilities

In the utility menu, select the Pocket Mode option.

Go to the settings to turn off the pocket mode in OnePlus 6T/7
Choose Pocket Mode

If it’s off then flip it On by toggle button. The button can flip grey to inexperienced and therefore the phone is prepared to settle within the pocket quietly.

Enable / disable pocket mode in OnePlus 6T/7
Turn On/Off

To Turn Off the pocket mode in OnePlus seven repeat similar steps and Pocket mode toggle button can flip inexperienced to grey.

How to Turn On/Off Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T or Older Phones

Follow these simple steps to

  1. Browse the Settings.
  2. Go to the Advanced settings menu.
  3. Enable the Pocket Mode option.
How to turn on Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T
Turn On Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T

How to Disable Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T

  1. Open up the Settings menu.
  2. Tap on to the Advanced Settings option.
  3. Disable the Pocket Mode.

Benefits of Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T, 7 and 7 Pro

Nowadays most of the Smartphones are coming with a touch configuration, that uses a finger touch or stylus to operate the phone controls and open its functioning. A call is created on the phone within the pocket by the minor pressure applied on the screen once an individual changes his movement and postures.

Though each phone has some screen lock systems, unlocking them is commonly a walk in the park. A rather controlled slide will unlock them. Also, they offer emergency calling options while they are unlocked.

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Hence it becomes additional imperative to know the steps to turn On/Off the pocket mode in OnePlus 6T, 7 and 7 Pro. There are bunches of benefits a Pocket Mode enabled mobile provides you.

  1. This feature saves you from the inconvenience and embracement resulting from an erroneously dialed number.
  2. Enabling Pocket mode will save your airtime minutes. For example when Pocket Mode is off and your screen touches the surface of your clothing or body and automatically generates a call. After receiving by the other party it will start decreasing your airtime minutes. Now it only depends on the receiver when he will cut the phone and save your talk time.
  3. It secures your personal information from accidental leaking. For example, If you are in a meeting or on a secret discussion then a random call to someone can leak your confidential information.
  4. The Pocket Mode feature helps you to control emergency services callings and prevents you from their sequences. Emergency services like Police, Fire Brigade, etc are available for your safety and urgent needs. Fake calls to emergency services can drop you inside trouble.
  5. Turning Pocket Mode On, saves your battery drains and helps to increase your battery life.
  6. It protects your mobile from heating up. A random call or continuously glowing screen light can heat your phone and drain your battery faster. In this way, Pocket Mode helps you in cooling your battery.
  7. This more advanced feature will save your internet data.
  8. The exclusive OnePlus feature prevents you from blank messaging, false messaging and other self texting and calling issues.
  9. It auto turn the ringtone when the phone is in the pocket. It also increases the volume of the calls when it is in the pocket or your bag so you can attend the call and never miss an important one.

Problems with OnePlus Pocket Mode

Some users found their phone stuck when using Pocket Mode turned on. In some cases, it seemed to cause problems with OnePlus fingerprint scanner. Sometimes the sensors take much time to recognize that the phone is out from the pocket and causes problems to make operations. If you are is facing such problems, you should turn off the pocket mode on OnePlus 6T, 7 and 7 Pro.

Buying a smartphone could also be one in all the largest investment in someone’s life. A smartphone with advanced options will save some time, efforts and energy on condition that you’re responsive to its options and their usage.

To utilize your gone cash and luxuriate in the operating together with your favorite contrivance, learn to use the quick and simple tricks to turn on/off pocket mode in OnePlus.

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How to Setup Screen Lock on OnePlus Phones

Setup Screen Lock in OnePlus Phones: All right, so having a smartphone device is a lot more common nowadays. Almost every hand can be seen accompanied by a mobile device. Smartphones make data storage and management easy. But, the main concern arises about data protection and security. Fresh cases related to data leaks can be read on the internet almost every other day now. This arises the need to protect one’s data no matter whether on the internet or locally.

Setup Screen Lock

Well, most of the devices now have the feature of setting up a lock on their smartphones so that none other than them can access it. This has been a real lifesaver technology in the history of modern-day smartphones. While most of the users are aware of this feature, a vast majority of them do not know how to set up a good and secure lock for their mobile device. In this article, we will demonstrate how you can use the device’s inbuilt protection feature to set up Screen Lock, Fingerprint, Face unlocking in OnePlus 6T, 7, 7 Pro and 7T.

Types of Locks in OnePlus Phones

Talking about the number of security features, almost all OnePlus comes up with the following types of the lock system.

  • Pattern – This feature is the most common in Android-based devices. The user is asked for a pattern (3 by 3 dots by default) which further unlocks the smartphone.
  • PIN – PIN is another type of screen lock that requires a number with “n” significant digits. The code is then analyzed to check if it matches with the one set by the device owner.
  • Password – As the name suggests, a password is nothing but just a PIN but it includes alphanumeric characters instead of just numeric ones.
  • Face Lock – Face Locks are the most common nowadays. The face data of the device owner is stored on the smartphone. The current face data is then checked with the saved one to grant authorization.
  • Fingerprint – Fingerprint sensors are used for detecting the patterns on the fingertips of the user. These are then checked with the saved fingerprint data to grant permission.

How to Navigate to The Screen Lock Type Menu

The major cause why most users do not use screen locks is that they don’t know where can they access the prompt. If you are one of them, this section is for you. All the screen lock and security settings can be triggered by navigating over to Security And LockScreen settings. Below is a short guide on how you can head over to that setting.

  • Open the navigation dropdown by swiping your screen from the top to bottom.
  • Tap on the gear icon that says Settings.

lock screen

  • Search for Security and Lock Screen to open the window.

NOTE: Setting a PIN, password, or Pattern lock is important as this will allow you to set up Fingerprint or Face Lock. This is to ensure that you can unlock your device if you are not able to unlock using your face data or fingerprint.

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How to Set Up A Pattern Lock

The simplest type of device protection is Pattern Lock. It’s easy to use and is suitable for users of any age. To set up a pattern lock on your OnePlus, you have to follow the below-given step by step guide on How to set up a pattern lock on your OnePlus device.

  • Head over to the Security and Lock Screen prompt by following the steps provided in the aforementioned section.
  • Search for a Screen Lock Subheading after the windows are in front of you.
  • Choose the option that says “Screen Lock”.
  • Since, you want to set up a pattern for your smartphone, tap on “Pattern Lock”.

oneplus pattern

  • The prompt will ask you for a pattern. Just draw a pattern that you think would be suitable and easy to remember.
  • Draw that pattern again to confirm the pattern.
  • Click on Finish Setting Up to finalize your lock.
  • Your device will now require a pattern every time you try to unlock it.

How to Set Up A PIN Lock

PIN lock is one of the best and simple to use a screen lock. The user will be asked for a number that he can set up according to their will. In this section, we will demonstrate how you can do the same.

  • Head over to the Security and Lock Screen prompt by following the steps provided in the aforementioned section.
  • Search for a Screen Lock Subheading after the windows are in front of you. 
  • Choose the option that says “Screen Lock”.
  • Since, you want to set up a PIN for your smartphone, tap on “PIN Lock”.

  • The prompt will ask you for a series of numbers. Just type any number that you think would be suitable and easy to remember.
  • Type your PIN again to confirm the setup.
  • Click on Finish Setting Up to finalize your lock.
  • Your device will now require a PIN every time you try to unlock it.

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How to Set Up A Password Lock

The password is the most secure next to fingerprint and face unlock. However, fingerprint and face unlock can be easily faked. Setting up a password is very easy and does not require any additional knowledge. Here’s how to do it.

  • Head over to the Security and Lock Screen prompt by following the steps provided in the aforementioned section.
  • Search for a Screen Lock Subheading after the windows are in front of you.
  • Choose the option that says “Screen Lock”.
  • Since, you want to set up a password for your smartphone, tap on “Password Lock”.

  • The prompt will ask you for a password. Just type any password that you think would be suitable and easy to remember.
  • Type your password again to confirm the setup.
  • Click on Finish Setting Up to finalize your lock.
  • Your device will now require a password every time you try to unlock it.

How to Set Up A Fingerprint Lock

The fingerprint is one of the quickest and safest ways to unlock your device. Setting up a fingerprint lock is as simple as that. Follow the below provided steps to set up a fingerprint lock on your One Plus device.

  • Head over to the Security and Lock Screen prompt.
  • Find a heading that says “Fingerprint” and tap on it.
  • Click on the “+” icon to add your fingerprint data.
  • You have to provide a Pattern, PIN, or password as a backup option.
  • Follow on-screen steps to finalize the process.
  • Your fingerprint data will be recorded now.

How to Set Up Face Lock

If you want to set up a face lock instead, follow the steps provided below.

  1. Head over to the Security and Lock Screen prompt.
  2. Find a heading that says “Face Lock” and tap on it.
  3. You’ll see a new window after you complete the authorization.
  4. Select “Add Face Data” and follow the onscreen steps.
  5. Your face data will be recorded now.

Summing Up

So, that was our take on How to set up the Lock screen, password, PIN, fingerprint, and Face Lock on your OnePlus phones. Device security is an important aspect of preventing data compromisation. We should all secure our devices with any of the above-provided features. Most of the screen locks mentioned above are provided in the majority of mobile phones nowadays.

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How to Fix Camera issues on OnePlus 6T, 7, 7 Pro and 7T

Fix OnePlus Camera Night Mode: In today’s fashionable age of selfies and HD photography, OnePlus is the most likable brand among a large community of Smartphone users for its prime quality, crystal clear camera options. To relish the best quality snapshots in dark too, you need to be aware of the superb Nightscape features and fixing OnePlus camera issues.

Fix OnePlus Night Mode

Nowadays people are ready to spend a lot of their money on advanced technology-based mobile phones than they ever before. Modern generation spends 70-90% of its free time on their mobile in calling, texting, internet surfing, etc. Introduction of the fourth generation’s internet data speed and larger memory capacity in android phones has made access to large applications more easy and fast. Gaming Apps needing a large space to run are easily accessible.

OnePlus is the brand for those who love online gaming and HD photography. They are highly indulged in satisfying their customer’s needs by offering the highly advanced technologies in their each upcoming launches. They are offering an on spot exposure, natural-looking colors, good video performance, great portrait mode, and a well working Nightscape features in their camera app.

What is Nightscape/Night Mode in OnePlus Camera App

Nightscape is OnePlus implementation of Night Mode on OnePlus phones. It makes use of a machine learning engine to boost the picture quality taken within the dark by distinguishing scenes and delivering additional lifelike and sharp pictures.

Fix Bad Nightscape in OnePlus Camea App

As the name suggests, Nightscape is for nighttime cityscapes. It will ne’er be like Google’s night sight. Pixels features a RAM stacked to the camera and it helps in running the algorithmic program property. OnePlus does not have one. That is could even the Gcam ones are not up to the mark. Several users face a lot of issues while using the innovative feature of OnePlus phone’s Nightscape mode.

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How to Fix OnePlus Camera Issues

How to Fix OnePlus Camera App Crash

This is among the very common problems most of the OnePlus 6T users have to face while opening the nightscape mode in their camera app. After entering the camera app and selecting the Nightscape mode as the user clicks on the shutter to capture an image, the app abruptly crashes or closes.

To fix a crashed camera app issue in OnePlus Smartphones follow the steps below.

  1. Create a backup of your data present in the camera app.
  2. Tap and Hold Camera icon.
  3. Select ‘App info’ in the pop-out menu of the camera icon.
  4. Tap on to the ‘Storage’.
  5. Clear Cache and Data of your camera app.
  6. Launch the Camera app Now.

Fix bad Nightscape quality on OnePlus camera app by Clearing the Cache of app

Now it will work smoothly in Nightscape mode. If your Nightscape is still not working reboot your phone. After restarting it will work.

How to Fix OnePlus Camera Night Mode Issues

Some users of OnePlus 7 Pro find a strange thing with the Nightscape mode. It is a much noisy or bad quality Nightscape image. It just happens because when someone clicks a nightscape camera image, a message displays, “Capture completed’ Optimizing” and the person thinks that image is clicked and shakes the phone to check the image.

Here the things go wrong, but if you keep steady your phone until the displayed message of “Capture completed” goes off you will get a high-quality night sights in your image. So keep your phone steady for a while, till your image gets fully optimized.

1. Restore to the Factory Settings

Sometimes issues with your Nightscape camera in OnePlus excellent phone does not solve by clearing the cache and data of camera app. Then you may have to restore the factory settings of your phone. Before restoring the app take the backup of your all-important data in your drive or any other device so you can regain them after restoring your phone.

Restore to factory settings to fix bad nightscape quality on OnePlus

2. Update to the Latest Version

Go to your phone settings and check for the latest available versions of your android. Keeping your phone up to date helps to use the best features of your phone and improves the performance and speed of your OnePlus device.

Update to the latest version to fix the nightscape quality on OnePlus camera app

Also, you should clear the memory cache and unwanted apps from time to time out from your mobile this will release the occupied memory space and helps to run your camera app more effectively.

3. OnePlus Update to Fix the Poor Camera

Many fans of OnePlus devices have been claiming that when it comes to camera performance OnePlus phone underperforms. OnePlus has been constantly focusing on improving OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and 7T camera quality in terms of HDR processing and the Nightscape 2.0 mode. In their next launch, there will be a major change in the camera quality focus. In their next upgrades in OnePlus 7 series the Nightscape mode might be available for all the three cameras not only for the primary 48MP shooter.

Nightscape is specially designed to use in night timings, not for the day timings. Nightscape takes a bit of time to induce your head around, as well as some experimentation to figure out once best to use the Nightscape mode if you propose on taking night photos.

Hence there is no need to be worried about those horrible night photography which contains blurred and noisy sceneries. Use the Night Mode on your OnePlus phone and capture the beauty of the dark. Stay tuned with the latest updates of OnePlus phones and accessories and enjoy a fabulous experience of nightlife photography.

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