[Fixed] Camera Blur & Blurry Images issues on OnePlus 6, 6T and 7

Fix OnePlus Camera Blur & Blurry Images: OnePlus is a well-known brand among the millennials. Their devices are launched with the best configuration and at a very competitively priced. OnePlus 6, 6T and 7 are latest devices from this manufacturer that are launched in the market. OnePlus 6 packs a dual camera setup with 16 MP and 20 MP cameras at the back.

This smartphone was advertised to have a great array of camera features which was in turn a key factor for all mobile photographer to upgrade from older versions of OnePlus or other brand smartphones. As per advertisements it comes with a bigger sensor, larger pixel size and optical image stabilization. Front camera was a robust shutter on a 16MP sensor with HDR capability.

Fix OnePlus Camera Blur Blurry Images Problem

Although great precision was taken to build and advertise OnePlus 6, users did come across issues with blurry images in OnePlus 6 and 6T. Easiest and most common resolution for this problem were latest OTA updates and using a different application to click images like Camera+, VSCO cam, Camera ZOOM FX, etc. This was primarily a software bug in the camera app and was resolved in one of the future updates.

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Samples from OnePlus Forum:

Blurry Images in OnePlus 6
Blurry Images in OnePlus 6

How to Fix Blurry Images Problems in OnePlus 6 and 6T

As described above, this was a software bug and was fix by the OnePlus team in one of the early released software updates. If a phone is subsequently clicking blurry image, we need to ensure it is on the latest Software update / firmware.

How to Update to Latest OxygenOS / Firmware?

Step 1: Open “Settings” and go to “About Phone”

Step 2: Click on Software Updates

Check if there is an available update, update it to the latest firmware to get the best out of the phone. It is always recommended to set “Software Updates: to be on auto download by selecting the check box on the “Software Update” screen.

This helps in keeping the phone up to date, as and when a new update is released it automatically gets downloaded to the user’s phone and a notification is displayed to install it as per user’s convenience.

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Things to Resolve Blurry Images in OnePlus 6 and 6T?

If the latest OTA update is also unable to fix the blurry image issue on your OnePlus 6 and 6T it is quite possible that you have been worrying for unnecessary reason. We can check the below thing to ensure that we get the picture from the OnePlus 6 Dual Camera setup.

  1. Clean the OnePlus 6’s camera Bump: Often with time a lot of dust is accumulated in and around the camera bump, one needs to keep the area clean in order to get a clear picture.
  2. Picture resolution: Ensure you are clicking in the correct resolution, a smaller resolution for a wider picture will indeed produce clear mages. To check this open Setting from camera application and go into “Resolution” settings. Clicking pictures on higher resolution will always bring out a sharper picture.
  3. Focus Mode: If you are clicking an image where the subject is really close to lens, ensure to focus properly on the subject. These camera sensors are programmed in a way that if focus is set properly, we can blur a required area (background or foreground) as and when required. Hence wrong focusing can also lead to a blurry image.

Above points can be taken care of to avoid blurry images in OnePlus 6 and 6T. However, all points stated above are explained considering the OTA update which fixed the issue. These steps won’t work for anyone who has an issue with the camera’s hardware.

As this was one of the initial smartphones to have a dual camera set up, the technology those days were quite underdone. In all the above steps essentially eliminate all software related points. If there is still a blur in an image, we highly recommend you to visit the nearest OnePlus service center.

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