What is OnePlus Pocket Mode and How to Use It

OnePlus Pocket Mode: Do you feel extraordinarily troubled concerning the horrendous pocket dial from your OnePlus phone? Most of the days after you place your Smartphone within your pocket, the method lands up with a contact dialing screen, taking part in the music show and gap screen of any of your mobile applications. It’s scary to face a receiver whereas you didn’t deliberately create a decision. Also, it quickly drains your battery. OnePlus has created it implausibly straightforward to manage your mobile’s options by providing a Pocket mode in its exclusive launchings. This guide will assist you to know the steps you must undergo to turn on OnePlus Pocket Mode.

What is OnePlus Pocket Mode

The Pocket Mode in OnePlus is a cool, and self-driven feature that enables its user to listen to the mobile ring while it is placed inside his pocket or bag. It automatically turns on the ringtone, raises its volume, and enables vibrations, so anyone can easily listen to the ringtone of his phone and attend the call before disconnecting during travel or any other task he is performing after putting the mobile inside the pocket. Also, it prevents you from random or accidental dialing from your phone by disabling the touchscreen sensors for that particular time when you have put your phone in the pocket.

OnePlus is range 5 within the prime 5 premium Smartphone brands globally. OnePlus 7, 7 Pro and OnePlus 6T, each the phones with their exponential options are creating waves within the Smartphone business. Each phone is filled with multiple advanced options and offers full management over your phone once it’s not in use and settled within your pocket.

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Prevent your OnePlus Phone from Pocket Dialing

The advanced configuration of OnePlus mobiles provides you one toggle possibility of Pocket mode. You can enable and disable it in keeping with your wants. After you activate the pocket mode, it restricts the phone operations from accidental screen touches throughout keeping it in and pulls it out the pocket. It offers no additional phoning home to your OnePlus.

How to Turn On Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T, 7 and 7 Pro

First of all, activate the screen of your OnePlus phone. Jump on to the Settings icon and faucet thereon.

Go to the settings to turn off the pocket mode in OnePlus 6T/7
Tap on to the Settings Icon

Scrolls down to navigate the utility possibility. Faucet on Utilities to open its menu.

tap utilities to turn on/off pocket mode in OnePlus 6T/7
Tap on to Utilities

In the utility menu, select the Pocket Mode option.

Go to the settings to turn off the pocket mode in OnePlus 6T/7
Choose Pocket Mode

If it’s off then flip it On by toggle button. The button can flip grey to inexperienced and therefore the phone is prepared to settle within the pocket quietly.

Enable / disable pocket mode in OnePlus 6T/7
Turn On/Off

To Turn Off the pocket mode in OnePlus seven repeat similar steps and Pocket mode toggle button can flip inexperienced to grey.

How to Turn On/Off Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T or Older Phones

Follow these simple steps to

  1. Browse the Settings.
  2. Go to the Advanced settings menu.
  3. Enable the Pocket Mode option.
How to turn on Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T
Turn On Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T

How to Disable Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T

  1. Open up the Settings menu.
  2. Tap on to the Advanced Settings option.
  3. Disable the Pocket Mode.

Benefits of Pocket Mode in OnePlus 6T, 7 and 7 Pro

Nowadays most of the Smartphones are coming with a touch configuration, that uses a finger touch or stylus to operate the phone controls and open its functioning. A call is created on the phone within the pocket by the minor pressure applied on the screen once an individual changes his movement and postures.

Though each phone has some screen lock systems, unlocking them is commonly a walk in the park. A rather controlled slide will unlock them. Also, they offer emergency calling options while they are unlocked.

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Hence it becomes additional imperative to know the steps to turn On/Off the pocket mode in OnePlus 6T, 7 and 7 Pro. There are bunches of benefits a Pocket Mode enabled mobile provides you.

  1. This feature saves you from the inconvenience and embracement resulting from an erroneously dialed number.
  2. Enabling Pocket mode will save your airtime minutes. For example when Pocket Mode is off and your screen touches the surface of your clothing or body and automatically generates a call. After receiving by the other party it will start decreasing your airtime minutes. Now it only depends on the receiver when he will cut the phone and save your talk time.
  3. It secures your personal information from accidental leaking. For example, If you are in a meeting or on a secret discussion then a random call to someone can leak your confidential information.
  4. The Pocket Mode feature helps you to control emergency services callings and prevents you from their sequences. Emergency services like Police, Fire Brigade, etc are available for your safety and urgent needs. Fake calls to emergency services can drop you inside trouble.
  5. Turning Pocket Mode On, saves your battery drains and helps to increase your battery life.
  6. It protects your mobile from heating up. A random call or continuously glowing screen light can heat your phone and drain your battery faster. In this way, Pocket Mode helps you in cooling your battery.
  7. This more advanced feature will save your internet data.
  8. The exclusive OnePlus feature prevents you from blank messaging, false messaging and other self texting and calling issues.
  9. It auto turn the ringtone when the phone is in the pocket. It also increases the volume of the calls when it is in the pocket or your bag so you can attend the call and never miss an important one.

Problems with OnePlus Pocket Mode

Some users found their phone stuck when using Pocket Mode turned on. In some cases, it seemed to cause problems with OnePlus fingerprint scanner. Sometimes the sensors take much time to recognize that the phone is out from the pocket and causes problems to make operations. If you are is facing such problems, you should turn off the pocket mode on OnePlus 6T, 7 and 7 Pro.

Buying a smartphone could also be one in all the largest investment in someone’s life. A smartphone with advanced options will save some time, efforts and energy on condition that you’re responsive to its options and their usage.

To utilize your gone cash and luxuriate in the operating together with your favorite contrivance, learn to use the quick and simple tricks to turn on/off pocket mode in OnePlus.

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