How to Increase OnePlus 7 Battery Life

Improve OnePlus 7 Battery: At present, most of the forerunner brand manufacturers are primarily using AI fast charging technology in their smartphone assembling, that helps to boost battery juice within a few minutes of charging. Also, they offer wireless charging and claim for a longer battery life which is able to run your smartphones for a whole day or more only at a single charge. But in most of the cases, you need to charge your phone more than once a day as the AI technology fails to maintain the longer battery life during heavy days. Hence it becomes imperative to find out some easy ways to increase your OnePlus 7 battery life and last longer.

OnePlus is a leading brand offers many extensive features in its latest smartphone series and successfully built a reputation in the smartphone manufacturing industry. The unique user experience they offer is probably unattainable for other Android manufacturers. OnePlus 7 is an essentially upgraded version of OnePlus 6T. It is a compact and lighter phone having a 6.4-inch display.

OnePlus 7 Battery

How to Extend OnePlus 7 Battery Life

The OnePlus 7 comes with a 3700 mAh battery with 20 Watt fast charger. With a blazingly fast charging speed, it takes about 30 minutes to charge the battery 50% and just one hour to be 90%. Though it has a very good battery configuration, the more uses of data in gaming, movie watching, and other tasks discharge your battery very fast. Sometimes background running apps and other incorrect settings also eat up your battery power too fast. To increase battery life in OnePlus 7 and enjoy the uninterrupted gaming focus on some simple tricks.

Method 1: Fix Your Screen Timeout Settings

Your OnePlus 7 display is one among the largest battery drains, that the best thanks to hampering on battery usage are to stay it off whenever you are not actively operating it.

Go into the Settings menu and tap to the Sleep to regulate however long the show stays on once it isn’t being touched. Change the default screen timeout to the minimum possible unit to save you each possible bit of the battery.

Method 2: Disable the Ambient Display

Increase battery life of OnePlus 7 by adjusting Ambient settings
Adjust Ambient Settings

An abnormal battery drain is caused due to an ‘Always On’ display mode. To save your battery charge from random lowering always keep of your Ambient Display settings.

Tap on to the Settings – navigate Ambient Display and tap on it – Turn off the ‘Pick Up Your Phone to Show’ and Turn On the ‘Tap the Screen to Show’ and achieve complete control over your display screen.

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Method 3: Turn Off the Notifications

Turn off new notifications to increase battery life in OnePlus 7
Adjust New Notifications

If you get tons of notifications, you’ll be able to think about turning off the “New notifications” setting similarly — although this is often a fairly nice feature to warn you of once new notifications are available. Excess amount of background running notifications consumes a good amount of battery and drain it rapidly.

Go to the Settings – Scroll down for Display SettingsTurn off New notifications

Method 4: Enable Dark Mode

Enable Dark mode settings to increase battery life of OnePlus 7
Dark Mode Enabling

Enabling the Dark Mode can effectively improve the battery life of your mobile on OLED display in your One Plus 7 mobile. Generally, this OLED display is used to light up all pixels on your screen. Enabling the Dark Mode ensures that only a few pixels are being used to light up your screen. This completely blacked out Dark Mode of OnePlus 7, drastically improves your battery life by increasing yours on screen time.

To enable the Dark Mode:

Go to the Settings – Tap on the Display – navigate the Theme option and tap on it – select Dark option.

Now it is changed all over into the Dark Mode.

Method 5: Drop the Screen Resolution

Drop screen resolution to increase the battery life in OnePlus 7
Adjust Screen Resolution

The maximum resolution and clarity mode in your OnePlus 7 uses to brighten up a whole lot of pixels, which depletes your battery very fast. Luckily you can manage a vibrant and bright screen after downgrading the screen resolutions too. You can also select the Auto Switch option that automatically switches your screen to the correct resolutions as per need.

To proceed the screen resolution:

First, go to the Settings – Tap on to the Display – Scroll down the screen and select Resolution by tapping on it – Choose among the options either Auto Switch or Others.

This is the best way to conserve your battery life for long running days.

Method 6: Reboot the Phone

Reboot your phone to increase battery life in OnePlus 7
Reboot Your Phone

It is the easiest way to deal with the fastest draining battery issues. As you notice that the battery is draining too fast or you want to give a fresh start to your phone, press the Power button and tap to the Reboot option. The phone will automatically be rebooted. You can also use manual rebooting to refresh your mobile settings.

Method 7: Isolate the Apps Draining the Battery

Isolate the apps draining the battery to increase the battery life of OnePlus 7
Isolating the Draining Apps

Have a look at the apps you are using in your mobile. There are many apps consuming your battery more than the amount they should. Sometimes when installing an app from Play Store some other apps automatically installed in your phone. Check for such apps and uninstall them.

Jump into the Settings menu then tap on the Battery option and it will present you a detailed breakdown of all apps and their battery consumptions. The frequently used apps display on the top of the list. You can uninstall the useless apps and limit the per day usage of most using apps.

Method 8: Uses of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS

Turn of WiFi Bluetooth GPS to increase the battery life in OnePlus 7
Turn Off The WiFi, Bluetooth, and GPS when not in use

An always-on Bluetooth can cause a continuous battery downfall. Same is with the Wi-Fi and GPS. A running WiFi always searches for a network to connect and consumes the charging of your battery. Hence it is far better to turn off these features while they are not in use. Also removing the apps using GPS navigation can also increase some hours to your battery life.

Method 9: Turn on the Battery Saver Mode

Turn On battery saving Mode to increase the battery life in OnePlus 7
Turn On Battery Saver Mode

Go to the Settings – Tap on to the Battery – Turn on the Battery Saver

You can set the battery limits and turn on the automatic battery saver mode or you choose to turn on battery saver now when you needed. It restricts background apps to access the charges automatically.

By following these simple and easy steps you can increase battery life on OnePlus 7 phone and get rid off from the battery and its charging issues.


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