How to Increase OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life

Improve OnePlus 7 Pro Battery: OnePlus has always been a premium smartphone brand for quite a period of time now. The new OnePlus 7 Pro has hit the market and people are awing about its features. With a massive 6.67 inches of screen and Quad HD+ display, the phone comes with a pretty decent 4000mAh battery. This is pretty good for most of the phones, however the OnePlus 7 Pro battery sometime falls on the negative side as some users might not be happy with the battery life.

Increase OnePlus Battery Life

So what can be done to maximize your beast’s battery life? Here are some of the best ways to increase battery life on OnePlus 7 Pro. Well with these tips, one thing that can be assured that the battery life will certainly increase. And you can well use the phone for a day without charging; though the running apps matter a lot.

How to Increase OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life

1. Use Dark Mode

All the phones from OnePlus are using OLED displays. However the company never uses an original OLED panel. Thus in this case the dark mode helps you save the battery drastically.

The reason behind the same is OLED displays uses more battery to lighten up every single pixels on your screen. Thus if the whole screen goes black, it automatically consumes lesser battery as the phone will be now using much fewer pixels.

While the dark modes on the other phones are generally grey, this phone has got a pure black in this particular mode. Thus when it comes to saving the battery life, this Dark Mode is something which should be trying. It is seen in a recent experiment that the difference between the normal mode and the dark mode is around 5 to 6 hours, which is massive when it comes to increasing your battery life.

Now the question is how to enable dark mode on OnePlus phone? To enable this mode go to Settings > Theme > Dark.

That’s it. You are now using your phone in Dark Mode.

2. Change Screen Resolution

The phone uses QuadHD+ resolution as default. Though this display gives you an optimum satisfaction when you are on screen, however you might not like the power consumption it uses. Nevertheless, you can well change the phone resolution in OnePlus 7. The best part is the difference between the resolutions will not affect your smoothness while you are on screen. If you lower down the resolution, it simply will use fewer pixels and again will save your battery life.

To do this tap on the Settings > Display > Resolution > Auto Switch. If you not playing games or watching Full HD videos, you can also select FHD mode instead of Auto switch. This will save more.

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3. Change Screen Refresh Rate

The new OnePlus 7 Pro display comes with an amazing 90Hz refresh rate, which is pretty amazing when compared to other smartphones. So you can try to twitch the refresh rate to get a better battery life. You will not be noticing any vast change while dropping the screen refresh rate a bit low. Thus you can well change the screen refresh rate from 90Hz to 60Hz.

Tap on settings go to display. Click on screen refresh rate and check 60 Hz. Voila! You are now saving your battery life effortlessly.

Increase OnePlus 7 Pro Battery Life

4. Check Battery Status

It does not depend whether you are using this phone or any other phone. If you face any battery issue, it is always a great to check your phones battery status. You can well detect the apps which are draining your battery. If you are not using those apps you can simply uninstall or Force Stop the app to saving your battery.

5. Adaptive Battery

This is a pretty cool thing included in the latest OnePlus 7 Pro. This helps your phone to get notifications from the apps you use less. You can well set your priority apps from you want get notifications and turn the other apps on.

While doing the same, you will see a momentous change when it comes to saving the battery life on your phone.

6. Optimization or Standby Mode

If you are trying to optimize your OnePlus 7 Pro battery life, then you must be tried to get to the Settings and tried to do something with the Battery Saver option. Thus if you are in the battery saver mode option, try to dig in by clicking the battery saver options and find these two modes called: Optimization and Stand by.

While in the first one closes all apps running in the background for no reason. While the second help to ensure that your phone’s battery life is balanced while you are in sleep mode.

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Well this is mostly it. The above some of the best ways to increase battery life on OnePlus 7 Pro, however there are some basic ground rules which might help you to save some more battery. This may include using the phone on battery saver mode. Another thing is over charging the phone might affect your phone’s battery life. So it is always better not to over-charge your phone. That is say, there is no need of charging the mobile when it has got 90% or. Charge as less as you can, as this helps in keeping the battery alive.

It can be well said OnePlus 7 Pro is now one of the best selling smartphones with incredible features. As phone comes with a 6 inches+ screen, the 4000mAh battery does not stand out. Thus if you are having and looking to extend OnePlus 7 Pro battery life, then you have got your solution.

As above are the best ways you can probably use to ensure that your phone’s battery life is perfectly optimized. By do these, you will be noticing a drastic change in your mobiles battery life, as on an average a difference of 7-10% is seen between using and not using these techniques.


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