How to Fix OnePlus Nord Camera issues

OnePlus Nord Camera issues: OnePlus Nord is the latest Smartphone from OnePlus. It comes packed with many innovative features that will amaze you. Along with other new features, the OnePlus Nord comes with a powerful camera. Now with numerous cameras, the OnePlus may have gone too far. It also offers the widest range of photographic options, from portrait to macro to ultra-wide or nightscape settings, along with the ability to record video in 4K at 30 frames per second on both cameras on the front and back. Also, there’s a 10-x zoom and 1080p and a slow-motion recording of 240 frames per second.

But with all these features, some users have reported issues with the OnePlus Nord camera. After installing the new system update, some users have reported that their camera stopped working and unable to take pictures with it. In this article, we are going to share how you can fix all OnePlus Nord camera issues.

Different issues with the OnePlus Nord Camera

  • Cannot open the camera
  • OnePlus Nord’s camera has stopped working
  • Camera not available
  • Camera displays a black screen
  • Unable to take images

Fix 1: Restart your device and camera app

If you face a camera issue first, then restart your phone and camera app first. Once done, try again.

Fix 2: Remove all 3rd party camera apps

If you are using any 3rd party camera app on your OnePlus Nord phone, remove all the apps and then check if the camera app is working or not.

Fix 3: Clean Your Oneplus Nord’s Camera data

Cleaning your lens is the first step to removing blurry or poor-quality photos. Use a soft microfiber cloth and clean your lense with it. To ensure the focus sensors are clean, clean front or rear camera.

Fix 4: Restart Your Oneplus Nor’s Camera

You have to restart your camera app. To do this, go to Settings > Apps and find the camera app.

Please open it and then click on the force stop button.

Also clean storage cache and data. This will reset your camera app and fix major issues.

Fix 5: Check Camera Permissions

Sometimes due to incorrect camera app permissions, you will face issues like this. To fix the issue, you have to reset camera app permissions on your OnePlus Nord.

Step 1: Open Settings on your Android phone.

Step 2: Go to Apps & notifications > See all apps > select the Camera app.

Step 3: Click on Permissions > Camera > Allow in permission section.

Fix 6: Update Your Oneplus Nord Android OS

If you are using the older version of Android OS, then you can face issues like this. To fix this problem, you have to update your Android OS. Go to Settings > About and update your Android software.

Fix 7: Take Your Photos With A Third-party Application

If you face issues with the OnePlus Nord default camera app, try to download and use Google camera and other 3rd party camera apps.


Overall, this phone is really great. There are a couple of camera and network connectivity issues, but these two are pretty minor. The rest of the phone is extremely functional. If you are looking for a solid, well-built phone with a huge display and powerful features, then the OnePlus Nord will be perfect for you.

We hope you liked our detailed guide on the OnePlus Nord camera not working in error. If you need more help with this issue, then comment below.

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