How to Root OnePlus Nord [2021 Guide]

In this tutorial, We’ll teach you how you can Root OnePlus Nord using Magisk. Now you must be asking why Magisk and why not TWRP? The answer is that OnePlus Nord was released recently, and there is no TWRP or flashable Magisk zip available till now. That is why we are using another method to root OnePlus Nord.

Don’t be panic because Magisk is very easy to use, and you can quickly root your phone with this tool. If you are new to Magisk and never heard about this tool, you should know about it before using it. Magisk is an app like SuperSU, allows you to root your Android phone without any issue or damage safely.

Magisk is highly safe and compatible with Google’s SafetyNet. So the advantage is, you can root your Android phone without any problem with device security or app installation.

Not only root, but you can also Unlock the Bootloader of OnePlus Nord and Root OnePlus Nord using Magisk.

Let’s start the process.

How to Root OnePlus Nord

Steps to Root OnePlus Nord with Magisk: Before starting the procedure, you should remember some things. This will avoid confusion.

  • Disable all security Locks
  • Full Backup of your Android device
  • You should have a computer
  • 80% battery on your phone.
  • USB Cable

Note: Rooting is a complex process, so you have to follow each step carefully. It can also harm your device if you missed any step. We are not responsible for any loss and damage to your device.

Step 1: Enable OEM Unlocking

It is very important to enable USB debugging for the root process.

To enable it, go to Settings > About phone and click on built number 5-7 times. This will enable the developer option on your phone.

Now go back to settings > Developer options > enable “OEM Unlocking” and “USB debugging”.

Log out of your Google account and make sure that your internet connection is working fine.


Step 2: Unlock Bootloader on OnePlus Nord

There may be several other ways of unlocking your OnePlus Nord phone, but for this article, I’m just going to write about one easy method, which is unlocking the bootloader.

Follow these steps:

1. Connect your phone with a PC using a USB cable.

2. Open platform tool folder > type cmd in address bar > enter.

3. In command prompt windows, type this command and press enter.

fastboot devices

This command will list all connected devices.

4. Then follow this command to reboot the bootloader and press enter.

adb reboot bootloader

5. Now, you have to use this command to unlock the bootloader of your OnePlus Nord.

fastboot flashing unlock

6. Select the Volume buttons to move the selector to “UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER” + press the power button to confirm. When you confirm this, your bootloader will be unlocked.

This command will remove all your data.

Step 3: Root your OnePlus Nord

Now it’s time to root your phone. We have unlocked the bootloader and enabled USB debugging. We have to use Magisk app.

Install Magisk App on OnePlus Nord

1. First, you have to download Magisk App on your phone.

2. Extract the downloaded stock boot file > copy boot.img file from the extracted folder > transfers it to the internal storage of your phone.

3. Install the Magisk apk on your phone. Then open the app and then click on install.

4. Then click on select and patch a file > find the boot.img.

5. Wait for some time till it is working. It will patch the boot image.

You can find the patched file can be found in the Downloads folder. Here you have to rename magisk_patched.img to boot.img again.

6. Copy renamed boot.img to your computer.

7. Replace the phone’s current boot image with Magisk’s patched image.

8. Now go to the cmd window again and use these commands to boot your OnePlus Nord in fastboot mode.

  • adb reboot bootloader
  • fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • fastboot reboot

These commands will flash that boot.img and reboot your phone.

Now check the root status of your phone in the Magisk app. Check if your phone is now rooted or not.

That’s it. You have successfully Rooted your OnePlus Nord.


We hope you liked our step-by-step guide to root OnePlus Nord. If you are facing any problem with these steps then comment below.

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