How to Fix OnePlus 8 Pro Display Issues

Recently OnePlus launched its flagship killer with flagship features. This brand earned so much of its name in recent years. No doubt, OnePlus makes amazing phones. OnePlus makes phones which feel so much premium and smooth. There was a lot of hype for the latest OnePlus 8 Pro because of its Quad HD 120Hz refresh rate Fluid AMOLED display. But the hype was not worthy as people are coming out with a lot of OnePlus 8 Pro display issues with the new smartphone. Most of the complaints were about its super display and Black Crush. Today we will address these issues and fix them appropriately.

Most of the people who used the new OnePlus 8 Pro in recent days have complained about a lot of display issues. Many of them report some kind of issue in their displays, including black crush, multi-color bars, screen going blank, and much more. The issue like Black Crush on the screen, Green hue in low brightness, and many more issues to be discussed further. Some of these issues are hardware-based, so you need to check with customer care. However, some of these OnePlus 8 Pro display issues can be fixed with a little troubleshooting guide.

What are OnePlus 8 Pro Display issues?

OnePlus has a good reputation for delivering phones with good quality display. OnePlus 8 Pro has a good reputation for the best screens in the market. But recently, many users are reporting issues where they see a black screen, green hue, or screen flickering from time to time. And some minor issues like Monochromatic display, Hight temperature color, Screen flashing, etc. The cause of these issues may be software compatibility, hardware damage, or some sort of device setting.

How To Fix OnePlus 8 Pro Display Problems

There are many reasons for the above-mentioned issues. Some of them are hardware-based problems, so you need to claim your device warranty. However, some of them are easy to fix, with some setting tweaks. Let us discuss the reasons behind every problem with possible solutions.

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Black Crush – Screen Goes Black

oneplus 8 black crush

This is the problem faces by 40% of the users where they see Black patches all over the screen. It causes crushed black color production on various sections of the display. As the Oneplus community states, this is a software issue. But the problems in still there after the update. This makes it clear that Oneplus in having a hardware issue in its pannel.

How to Fix Black Crush issue?

This issue is a major problem as it is not confirmed by the officials yet. OnePlus says it is a software issue, but critics say otherwise. One of the OnePlus support executives agreed on it as a hardware problem. So users cant repaid such a problem on their own. The only option is to wait for official notice from OnePlus, so that the users may get a replacement or refund.

Green Display – Greenish Tint

oneplus green display

Green Hue is an issue related to the color and saturation of the device display. Users report about having a greenish layer or shade when they turn down the brightness. The issue is common among Oneplus users. In some scenarios, it actually happens when you turn ON the DC Dimming feature in OnePlus. This looks likes:

How To Fix Green Display Issue?

The green display might be a hardware issue or a software glitch. In most scenarios, the issue arises because of incorrect color calibration. If you want to get rid of such a greenish tint, then you can disable the DC dimming option on your OnePlus device.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on utilities.
  3. There you find an option OnePlus Laboratory, open that.
  4. Here you find DC Dimming.
  5. Turn on this feature to remove the flickering issue.

If the issues still persist, then you have to schedule an appointment with OnepLus customer support to resolve the issues.

Screen Flickering Issue

oneplus Screen Flickering Issue

Many users have reported this issue where they see screen flicker or jittering issues. In most scenarios, this is caused by the accidental Flash screen for GPU updates option. This option is available under the developer option under the setting page. Maybe you have enabled it by mistake. After disabling the feature, your screen will work as normal.

How To Fix Screen Flickering Issue?

In some scenarios, the issue can be fixed with a software setting. However, if the issue still persists, then it might be a hardware issue that must be checked professionally by the OnePlus customer care team.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Developer options.
  3. There you find the “Flash screen for GPU updates” option.
  4. Turn OFF this feature to remove the flickering issue.

Bars On Display

In this problem, the device shows jitter behavior and shows random patters on your display. This is certainly a hardware issue. These bars appear randomly with no fixed pattern. It may disappear within seconds or may go as long as you own the device.

How To Fix Bars On Display Issue?

Random patterns and bars are a cause of physical damage most commonly. Where the user damaged the phone, or it’s an out of the box assembly damage. But surely physical damage. So the only solution is the replacement of the damaged part, whether the display panel or the mainboard. Visit your nearest OnePlus service center as soon as possible.

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Yellowish Display Issue

Some users report that their display has very warm color saturation. This means the display is showing a yellowish tone. But this is not a hardware or software issue, and it is a software feature known as Reading\Night mode. This reduces strain on your eyes while reading something or using your phone in very low lighting conditions. It is possible that you might have enabled it by mistake.

How To Fix Yellowish Display Issue?

As this not a hardware or software issue, we can solve it easily. You need to follow these steps to turn off Reading mode. Reading mode is there to help the user to reduce stress on the eyes. Here are the steps-

  1. Open the Settings app and navigate to Display options.
  2. Tap on Reading mode. 
  3. Turn it off using the toggle button.

Note: There is a quick toggle button also available to turn on\off reading mode form quick settings option.

High Refresh Rate Not Working Issue

Generally, no major issue is reported regarding the new 120hz refresh rate. It is working fine on almost all devices. But some users are not aware of this feature. So this is a new technology in which the display refreshes itself 120 times per second, which in practice makes the display so much smoother. UI scroll-like fluid. To enable this, you may follow these steps-

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap on  Display.
  3. Click the Advanced option.
  4. Open Refresh Rate.
  5. Select between 60hz and 120hz. (120hz means more smooth)


OnePlus is famous for making premium flagship devices with a super smooth experience. Some people call it the fastest Android phone of 2020. And definitely OnePlus 8 Pro is a beast because of its specs sheet, but this time, people are not happy because of the OnePlus 8 Pro display issues, and these must be solved as soon as possible. Whether it’s a hardware or software issue, it should be solved. So it’s better to wait for some time before you upgrade your daily driver with a new OnePlus 8 Pro.

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