How to Lock Apps with Fingerprint in OnePlus Phones

Fingerprint App Lock on OnePlus Phones: All right, so securing one’s phone is in no doubt the prime concern of every smartphone users, right? System developers have thrown a lot of concern over this field and have tried to secure devices in every way possible. One of the ways is to lock the application installed in a smartphone. This does not allow anyone else other than the owner to use the application. These features come preloaded in most of the device nowadays, including OnePlus phones.

Lock Apps with Fingerprint

OnePlus devices mostly use Oxygen OS as their primary Operating system. Since Oxygen OS is based on Google’s Android OS, users have a choice to flash new customs ROMs according to their wish. Oxygen OS is very similar to Stock Android, but it has a large number of extra features packed in a nice neat box. If you are a OnePlus owner and want to try out its App Lock Feature, then you have come to the right place. Here, in this article, we will show you a detailed step by step guide on How to lock apps on OnePlus phone using fingerprint.

How to Lock Apps Using Fingerprint Scanner

As mentioned above, OnePlus devices have pre-provided features for application locking. It is good to know that OnePlus devices do not require any additional application for this task. Stock Android users have to install app locking applications to be able to use the feature. The native app locking feature has been there for quite a long time now. The feature was first introduced in OnePlus 5 and has been provided in every OnePlus phone after that.

If you want to lock your applications using the fingerprint scanner, then this section is for you. Here is the step by step guide on How to lock apps using fingerprint scanner in OnePlus 6T, 7, 7 Pro and 7T.

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How to Navigate to The App Lock Settings

Follow the below-given steps to do the same. All the screen lock and security settings can be triggered by navigating over to Security And LockScreen settings. Below is a short guide on how you can head over to that setting.

  • First of all, you need to navigate to the app locking system Settings on your OnePlus device.
  • Open the navigation dropdown by swiping your screen from the top to bottom.
  • Tap on the gear icon that says Settings.
  • Search for Security and Lock Screen to open the window.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen.

app locker

  • There you will find an option titled “App Lock”.
  • Tap on the App Lock option to open the prompt.

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How to Set Up Fingerprint App Lock on OnePlus Phones

If you want to set up a fingerprint lock for your mobile application, then follow the given steps. Make sure you follow the steps carefully to avoid any issues.

  • Head over to the App Lock option by referring to the above section.
  • You will be asked to enter your Device password to confirm that you are the device owner and not anyone else.
  • A window will be presented in front of you. You can see an option to add (+) applications to the app locker.

app lock on Oneplus phones

  • Tap on the option and add all the applications that you would like to secure with your fingerprint.
  • When you are done selecting all the applications, simply press the back button.
  • You can also hide the notifications of these apps by turning “Hide Notification Content” on.
  • Congratulations, you have now successfully set up a fingerprint lock on your device’s apps.
  • Whenever you try to access the application, it will ask for your authorization. You can enter the password or PIN of your device. Or just simply scan your fingerprint to open the app.

Summing Up

So, that was our take on How to Lock Apps with Fingerprint on OnePlus 6T, 7, 7 Pro, 7T and 7T Pro. The app locking feature is nice as it provides an extra layer of security to your device. Oxygen OS has a few other features that are not included in the stock android. It is good to see Oxygen OS developers adding some native app features to the operating system.

Summing everything up, a device’s privacy should be maintained well by the device owners to prevent data breaches and compromisations. This feature is just the next step in enhancing the security of smartphones.


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